Oh that Betty Rascal!

Since the arrival of Coco and Vivi, Betty Rascal and Henry don't get near the amount of press they deserve. 

Even if I don't blog much about them, they are still VERY much a part of our lives, and provide a lot of entertainment.  The Knight just emailed this video of Betty Rascal this morning.

Betty is SUCH a little goat.   I promise we feed our dogs, but you wouldn't know it the way she is acting. I love the innocent tail wag in the the beginning and then how she checks the exterior of the bag near the end of the video to make sure she didn't miss anything!

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I really can be Artsy Fartsy (and also still very much a Shopaholic)

I've been pretty crafty lately.  Staying up till the wee hours of the morning and spending time with some wee little friends. 

Wanna see?

The peg dolls have been quite a hit with my friends and friends of friends!  Just thought I would share!

paint splatters and peg splinters,
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