Fairy Flamingo Birthday Party: Footloose and Fancy Free, Caroline is turning Three!

Last weekend, we had Caroline's 3rd birthday party.  I cannot believe how time has flown.  She is such a big girl now!  She loves being a ballerina, Play-Doh, running, helping me cook, and her little sister.  She is completely potty-trained, can sometimes count to 40, and is learning how to write her name (right now, the C's are backwards). :)  Every day her conversations are more imaginative - three is fun!

C asked for a fairy flamingo party.  I couldn't find anything on the internet with this theme, so I decided to go with a tropical woodland feel.  In my mind, a fairy flamingo party had lots of fairies, lots of flamingos, lots of feathers, and LOADS of PINK.  I think the party was a hit!

I was on a tight budget, so I hit up the Dollar Tree to see what I could find.  It was a gold mine.  I found strands with cardstock flamingos and palm trees, butterfly wall stickers, all kinds of flamingo things, posters with fairies, balloons, crepe paper, and green polka dot paper products.  I also shopped at Michaels and Wal-Mart to complete my party plans.

Are you ready to see the details?
The invite:
For the invite, I used scrapbook paper for the background, I printed the invite on our home printer (4 to a page), and used the cardstock flamingos and 1/2 of a huge butterfly sticker to create the fairy flamingo.  A hot pink feather and some bling, and I was done!  I also used this website to create fairy names for all my guests, and addressed it to that name first (with their real name underneath, so I wasn't confused!).

The food:
The party started at 10:30 a.m., so I tried to keep the menu light but also serve enough variety to keep parents and picky toddlers happy.  I also came up with fun fairy flamingo food titles.  A few were admittedly a stretch, but I thought it added a cute touch of whimsy.

The menu consisted of the following:
Chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (no fancy name for those!)
Fairy Wands: Green grapes on skewers topped with white star marshmallows
Fairy Berries: Fruit Salad
Toadstools: Mozzeralla cubes topped with a 1/2 of a cherry tomato
Flamingo Fluff: Pink marshmallows
Feather Flakes and Wing Wafers: Cheese, sausage and crackers
Pixie Dust Punch: Raspberry sorbet, a can of frozen OJ and a 2 liter of ginger ale (we supplemented as needed).
We also served cucumber water, Capri Suns and little pink wafer cookies.  Didn't have cutesy names for those, but they were also available!


The decor:
Let's just say that this mama was tuckered out after putting together the decor for this fancy fairy flamingo fete! 
I borrowed about 40 flamingos from a youth organization - it might quite an impact, and the little ones loved running through the flock!
 The party initially started outside (before the rain), so we left out all the girls' toys and set up a fun tent/tunnel combo.

 A real-life fairy flamingo! :)
 These decorations were already in my house, but I gathered them in one space for little daydreamers to admire and hunt for tiny fairies!
This backdrop was made with crepe paper, and I repurposed a banner I bought for Caroline's first birthday!

A cupcake topper fit for a princess fairy flamingo!
 Thanks to Dollar Tree for AWESOME straws and paper products!
 My dining room - we did food inside to keep the flies away and in case of rain (it did eventually rain).
  Fairy Photo Booth:

Flamingos everywhere!
Fairy Flamingo Fashion - little (and big) guests donned fairy wings and marabou flamingo fluff to complete the look!

The games:
I knew that there was a chance of rain, so I planned two activities.  Pin the feather on the flamingo and create your own fairy frame.  I used a cut out flamingo and glued it to a plastic tablecloth.  I made foam feathers to attach to the flamingo.  I was afraid it might be too old for the kids, but they loved it!

The fairy frame factory was also a hit.  I bought cardboard frames, covered them with cute toadstool scrapbook paper, and bought glitter glue, alphabet stickers, and these awesome foam fairy stickers, toadstools, and tree trunks.  I added magnets to the bag prior to the party.  The kids all loved working on their frames, plus they have a great way to showcase their awesome photo booth picture (i've printed several for each family, and am going to send them when I mail their thank-yous).

The favors:
Guests were encouraged to take their wings and frames home.  I also put together little favor bags by the front door.  Each bag contained fairy stickers, flamingo stamps, and a mini slinky.  The majority of the guests were little girls, so I added butterfly hair clips to several of the bags for them.

The guests:
I can't resist - I have to show off my beautiful friends and family and this wonderful day!

Despite the rain and us trying to cram 50 or so people in our modest home, I think the party was a hit.  C is still talking about it, and now when we are out, if she sees a fairy or a flamingo, she asks if we can get it for her next party!  I may have created a little party monster!  Thanks for dropping in to see the shenanigans going on at the AFS household!

fairies, flamingos, feathers, oh my!
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Such a cute party and adorable little gals!

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Thanks Amber!

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