An interesting insight on being a true shopaholic

I write on here a lot about shopping, sales, great finds on etsy, etc. I love to shop for myself, my children, my friends, my family...I am a Taurus, and even though I don't put a lot of stock in horoscopes, I do love comfort, security, and material things.  I guess I come by my shopaholic nature, well, naturally.

I often joke about how I have my debit card number memorized, and how the Knight starts sweating when I show him how much I "saved."  I hope you know that such comments are in jest.  Although it would be lovely to have access to a Hilton-esque trust fund, I am actually quite thrifty and (most of the time) stay within my "fun money" budget.  We try very hard to follow the advice of Dave Ramsey, live beneath our means, eliminate debt, save for emergencies, retirement, and our girls, and would you believe that the only credit card we have is truly "frozen" in a block of ice.  So, we actually have to thaw it before we use it...talk about the chilling effects of credit card debts!  Ha!

I guess I am divulging this because I do think about my love for shopping and what kind of message that sends to my girls.  I do love showing C the little packages I get in the mail for her.  Just a couple of nights ago, I showed her a pair of flip-flops that came in the mail for her for this summer, and it melted my heart when she clapped her chubby hands and exclaimed "Thank you, mama!"  Despite my urge to give my children everything, I want to teach my girls that the ability to buy nice things come as a result of hard work, and also that, while nice things are nice, acquring such items is not a proper elixir for dealing with troubles and should not be used to measure self worth.  I desperately want their treasures to be heavenly.

When Allison asked me if I would be interested in sharing a graphic about the "cost" of being a shopaholic, I was intrigued. It is sobering, to say the least, and I thought it was very interesting.  I can identify with some of the statistics, and think it is good to keep in mind a) how incredibly blessed and comfortable we are and b) how powerful and destructive even an innocent 'addiction' can be:

Shopaholics Infographic
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