Our Thanksgiving and annual St. Jude Marathon!

We had a wonderful fall...Coco is learning how to write (mostly O's and C's, but that's how you spell Coco, so in my opinion, she is practically writing her name!)
The Knight and I went to see The Blue Man Group (our first date since Valentine's Day 2012 - LONG OVERDUE!)

We went to my parents for Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, I was sick the entire time, but the girls got some great snuggle time with their Poppy.

On the way home, we got to witness this sweet sweet moment...
Got some crazy blue new running shoes (and some hilariously awesome bling, to boot).
We completed our annual St. Jude race...the Knight did the marathon, and his sister and I did the half.  AND we all met our time goals!
Little Vivi got pnemonia...two scary trips to the ER in the middle of the night.  Would not wish that on any parent. 
Took Caroline with me to work on day.  I was completely unproductive, but she sure was a hit at the office!
I feared the worst when decorating the house this year.  Would the decorations survive the tornado otherwise known as Vivi?  She actually did great!
The first year where our stocking symmetry is complete. :)

blessings to all,
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