AFS featured on Shutterfly...check it out!

Y'all know I love me some Shutterfly.  I have been a devoted fan since, oh, I don't know...Al Gore invented the internet.

Seriously, I have used them for bridal and baby showers, my own stationary, Christmas cards, both girls' birth announcements, and gifts for my family and friends.  I was STOKED when they asked me to do a guest post about Caroline's alphabet book that I made for her 2nd birthday. 

I put it together about a week ago and it went "live" on Friday!  If you want to see it, you can read the article here: http://blog.shutterfly.com/11676/custom-alphabet-photo-books-for-children/.

Leave me some love here and let me know if you saw it and what you think! 

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Wonderful Wittlebee Box #2 - Right on trend and so fun!

Recently, we got our second Wittlebee box! 

Do you Wittlebee? (Because if not, you weallly should!)  Ha ha - terrible joke, but truly I have loved both boxes.  Wondering how Wittlebee works?  Here is a description straight from their site:
Fill Out Your Style Profile
Just tell us a wittle bit about yourself and how you dress your kid. This information is used to create your custom box.
Signup and Talk to Our Stylists
One of our expert kid stylists will call or email to confirm your order and answer any questions you may have.
Receive Your First Box
Your customized box of clothes arrives at your door in about a week. Every box contains about $100 in retail value of clothes. You’ll receive a new box of clothes every month. You can pause or cancel your membership anytime.

Click here for a link to my post about the first box.  This time around, I changed my requests a bit.  We are stocked up for summer and fall, so I requested 3T for C next summer.  Here is my account request:
  • Size: 3T
  • Styles needed: Dresses/Skirts, Leggings
  • Graphics: Polka Dots, Flowers
  • Favorite Colors: White, Orange, Lavender, Blue, Pink
  • Clothing Style: Hipster
  • Accessories Needed: Pajamas, Swimwear
  • Styles not needed: Onesies, Writing/Slogans
  • Climate: Chilly Nights
In the notes to my Wittlebee stylist, I put:
1. Do not like cutesy sayings, characters or animal prints. We have more of a "sweet baby girl" meets traditional meets hippie vibe. Thanks!
2. Loved our last box! We love vintage floral prints, Tea, smocking, eyelet, gingham, aqua (both girls have big blue eyes). something western or asian inspired would be fun! Paul Frank ok, but not fave.

Here are pictures of my second box:
The items/brands are as follows:
  1. Brown Peace and Love shirt (can't remember brand, but very cute shirt!)
  2. Crazy 8 plaid shorts
  3. Green and black Twynkle Toes Button Nose (super duper soft) dress
  4. (My fave!) Flamingo Greggy Girl shirt and matching skort
  5. Skivvydoodles dress
  6. Strawberry tank top
  7. American Apparel leggings
I don't know how much the total would be if I bought them all retail, but even just a quick look at a couple of items showed me that the money I spent on this month's box ($40) more than paid for itself!

I am so happy with my Wittlebee boxes.  I like getting out of our Zulily and Target rut, and seeing some fun and fresh stuff!  Definitely keeping this going.  If you want to join, you can use this link: http://curebit.com/x/wGc5j
It gives you a $10 off your first box and gives me a $10 credit toward a future box!
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C is 2 years old - bye-bye sweet baby, hello terrific twos!

C turned 2 on Saturday.  I will share all the pictures from her fantastic party in a separate post, but I wanted to give you a little update on the Coco Bean.  Here is her "time capsule," of sorts:

Loves to dance, run, and go "wimming"!  Prays sponatenously, and ends every prayer with a hearty "AMEN!" Is very brave, loves to jump in the pool with no floaties (holding mommy's finger of course), and climbs all over everything. Loves "sungasses", shoes, bows, headbands, necklaces, bracelets, anything fancy.  Loves Betty and "Henny."  Says her sister's name with a French accent (VeeVee-Onne).  Still loves her paci, but follows the rule (for the most part) that it stays in her room for nap time, sleep time, and those particularly rough days where she needs a little extra comfort.  Loves coloring - markers, crayons, chalk, ink pens...keeps her occupied for hours.  Loves Elmo - he is all over our house in a multitude of books, coloring books, stuffed animals, dishes, and on our TV.  Holds out her arms and says "Hold you?"  Refers to herself in the 3rd person as "Coco."  Uses "Ima" as a verb, as in "Ima shoe on" and "Ima wash hands."  Talks a ton, most of it we can understand and/or translate.  Is no longer interested in potty training and we are okay with that (for now).  Loves her Mimi and Poppy (my mom and dad) and her Ma and Ba (the Knight's parents), and looks for them in pictures all over our house and on our computer.  Is a mama's girl, but absolutely adores Daddy and Vivi! Goes to sleep with a book every night, and when she wakes up in the morning, she sits in her crib and reads it.  Can sing her ABCs, Happy Birthday, and snippets of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and songs from her VeggieTales CD.  Knows SO many animals (I was astounded one night when she showed me a dolphin, giraffe, and alligator without my asking).  Knows several colors ("Onge!"  "Lellow!"), can kind of count to ten (1, 2, 4, 10!), and knows several shapes (thanks to her fabulous day school for that!).  Thinks all hearts in pictures are suckers. :)  Is obsessed with cupcakes.  Loves to go outside and "wing."  Does not like bugs.  Loves to put things in the trash.  Wears 18/24 months clothes and weighs 28 lbs.  Likes to "rush" her teeth and her hair all by herself.  Is starting to exhibit defiance, but responds pretty well after time-out.  Says "shorry" after she does something mean to Vivi. Is learning (slowly) how to share.  Drinks easily from a cup, uses a fork and spoon quite well, and DOES NOT like for her food to be cut up for her.  Is already acting like the perfectly bossy big sister. 

She makes us belly laugh daily and is so fun to love.  I love having a two-year old already...the world is so exciting and new, and she teaches us how to see everything with a totally new perspective. Happy 2nd Birthday to our little Coco Bean!

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Vivi at 7 months

She is a giggly, crawling, teething, pulling up, humming, squirmy delight.  She crawls with a focus and determination that I hope she keeps for years to come.  Her laughter and smiles melts everyone's hearts.  The lady that primarily watches her told us that Vivi is the happiest and sweetest baby that she has ever cared for.  She hums along with me when I rock her to sleep, then gives one big grunt and body lurch before completely passing out.  Hilarious.  She thinks C is the funniest thing on earth, but has learned that C doesn't like to share and lets us all know about it by a loud whiny cry.  She loves to play peek-a-boo, splash her sister in the bathtub, and has taken  quite a liking to gnawing on pizza crust.  It is amazing to me how fast she is developing, but then I guess that is typical for the 2nd baby?  She is already pulling up and starting to show the early signs of wanting to "cruise."  When I hold her hands, she walks like a little toy soldier - kicking those legs out in front of her.

We are blessed beyond measure.  I can't remember life before her or imagine our lives without her in it!   Happy 7 months, sweet Vivi Sprout!

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