We got our Wittlebee!

Today, I hit the mother load in the mail department. I got a package of sweet dresses from my mom for the girls, then I got a box of treats and supplies for C's upcoming birthday party AND the first Wittlebee box for the girls!

In case you are interested in giving this a try, I will tell you how I ordered:
Clothing Style: Hipster
Graphics: Polka Dots Flowers
Favorite Colors: White Orange Blue Pink
Styles needed: Short Sleeve Shorts Dresses/Skirts
Accessories Needed: Pajamas Swimwear
Styles not needed: Onesies Writing/Slogans
Climate: California Dreamin
Child's Gender: Girl

In my notes to the stylist/box packer, I included the following:
Split box, if possible. 12 mos & 2t/3t for girls. Love Tea Collection & Baby Gap. Prefer ikat, embroidery, polka dots, linen, and no cutesy sayings.

I received 1/2 12 mos and 1/2 2t and 3t. Brands included Tea, Baby Gap, Bon Bebe, Laughing Giraffe, Paul Frank, and Calvin Klein.

If you are interested in signing up, use this link: http://curebit.com/x/wGc5j

It gives you a $10 off your first box and gives me a $10 credit!

Luv Mud 2012 (toddler version)

This theme of this weekend was water. On Friday, we babysat the Cantrell cuties. The kids played in the sprinkler and ate Italian ices.

On Saturday, the Middlekauff kids came over and we hosed 'em down till we had so much mud, we had our own personal Luv Mud, right in our backyard.

On Sunday, I took the girls to swim in Aunt Janie's pool. All I have to say is that Caroline is fearless. She is a little fish! Not even 2 years old, jumping in the water with no flotation devices and holding her breath! Can you tell that this mama is just a little proud?

Summer in Memphis is fun, but we have to work hard to beat the heat!

Splishin' and a splashin'


Wondering about Wittlebee?

Have any of you tried WittlebeeProfile Picture

It looks like a great concept - each month a box of clothes comes right to your door containing 8 pieces of clothing for your child.  The cost per month is 39.99 - no shipping, no taxes, just 39.99.  The retail value is over $100.  The clothing is in line with your "style" preference and is season appropriate.  It looks like brands that are included are brands like Tea, Baby Gap, American Apparel, Little Giraffe, etc.  That breaks down to $5 per item - which is Target/Walmart prices for brands that are much more expensive. 

I'm thinking of giving this a try.  I have no problem buying up all the super fun dressy dresses for the girls, but their play clothes are looking a little ragged out, if you know what I mean.  I read some pretty favorable reviews here and here (although one was sponsored by Wittlebee, so I took that one with a grain of salt).

Here are a couple of pictures posted by other moms:

(source here)

(source here)

If you currently use this, will you let me know what you think in the comments?

If you are interested in trying it for your self, use this link to save $10 off of your first box ($3.75 per item!) (If you buy through this link I get a $10 credit, too!). 
life, liberty and the pursuit of duds for the AFS wittles,
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The more, the Mimi-er

My momma has been here this week while the Knight was out of town.  My dad came for the weekend, and left her behind so he could attend a business meeting up north.  He is Poppy and she is Mimi to Coco and Vivi.  They adore them. 
It's easy to see why:

Every day my email, text and Facebook accounts have been filled with fun pictures of my parent(s) and my girls. 

It is a little hard to take, considering I have been stuck at work all week, but I am so so so thankful for the time that they get to spend with my parents and vice versa.

Also, Mom has been a tremendous help to me - grocery shopping, cleaning, organizing my linen closet, hemming Vivi's curtains, the list goes on and on.

We have gotten to do a couple of fun things with just us two - lunch downtown at one of my favorite places and getting our hair 'did' at my house after the girls went to bed. Each night, we have snuggled on the couch, laughing at Psych and sipping wine. It has been wonderful.

 I am so glad that the Knight is on his way home, but we all are going to miss Mimi and Poppy! 

merriment and motherhood,
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Heaven on Earth

The sweetest part of my day...
(mad props to my awesome mama and her amazing photography skills!)
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AFS is on Facebook!

Shhh!  Wanna know a secret? 

AFS is on Facebook!

Actually, AFS has been represented on Facebook for quite some time, but we are just now getting it really going.  If you want, check us out here and "like" us today.  You like us!  You really really like us!

clickin' and a cooin',
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