Hello dear readers!  Are you ready to do a little shopping?  I know I am!  My friend sells Kelly's Kids, and I agreed to have an "e-party" to show off her cute clothes.  No pressure and you can shop in your PJs!  The stuff is really cute, timeless, and washes really well.  Great for baby showers, Easter, birthdays, etc.  If you are into consigning, Kelly's Kids has great resale value. The dresses, pants, and shorts have extra large hems, which also allows you to stretch them for two plus years.  Plus, if you have multiple kids (or, for example, an extended family reunion/photo shoot), you can coordinate them without being exactly matching.

I especially like the reversible dresses and shorts (2 outfits in one!). 

Here are a few of my faves (in my basket!):

(Jane Reversible Cross Back Jumper)

(Nautical Bunting Sack)

(Vintage Romper)

(Summer Kelly Dress)

(Precious Daygown)
If you aren't interested, sorry to trouble you.  If you are, take a look and see if you can find anything cute.  I know I did!

Artsy Fartsy Shopaholic
Order Deadline: 4/9/2012
Visit http://www.kellyskids.com/CoriGagnard and enter
Party # 5629
at checkout.

Contact Sales Rep
Cori Gagnard
(504) 309-5181

Seersucker and sandcastles,
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Um, yeah, so these are gorgeous

Am I crazy, or does $180 for this map dress seem like a bargain?!?  Not sure how to justify this purchase, but oh my gracious, I covet these! 
Wouldn't this be an awesome thing to frame and hang in a grown-up little girl's room, a master bedroom, or even the dining room?  Love, love, love!

Amazing work found at the Annex.

what the frock!
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AFS Bathroom remodel update (slow and steady wins the race, right?)

AFS here!  just checking in after a few days of silence.  I only have a few days left of maternity leave, so I am busy cuddling sweet Vivi and trying to get a few things done before I go back to work.

Remember back in the beginning of NOVEMBER when I posted about our bathroom remodel?  Welllll, it is still going on.  We are in the home stretch.  For all you runners out there, I like to think that we are at mile 20 of a 26 mile marathon.  Only 6 miles to go, but from what I hear those are the hardest.

So far, we have done the following:

  • completely demo'd the bathroom
  • removed the subfloor and replaced floor supports
  • installed new shower plumbing
  • put in new subfloor, drywall and concrete backer board
  • put in a new tub
  • put in a new vinyl window
  • closed up weird jack and jill type entry into the man room (now the bathroom only has access from the master bedroom)
  • installed new glass tile in shower and new ceramic floor tile
  • installed new toilet and vanity
  • painted walls
  • installed new crown molding and shoe molding
So what's left to do?
  • install lighting and vent fan
  • touch up paint on walls and crown molding
  • paint the vinyl window trim
  • install shower and regular bathroom fixtures (toilet paper holder, towel rack, etc).
  • install glass shower door
It has been an exhausting process, especially with a newborn, but we are almost there.  The Knight is amazing, and has done almost all the work himself.  Since I was either in the late stages of carrying Vivi or recovering from my c-section, my contributions have been solely idea/consultation and design.  I LOVE our shower tile - a little jewelry for the tiny shower packs a lot of punch!  

Enough blabbering.  Here's what you really want to see...pictures!  
So far, our bathroom has gone from this (bye-bye ugly pinky/taupe sink, tub, and vanity made for oompa loompas):

and this

to this 

and this!

To the Tortoise and the Tile,

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