Vivi's Sweet Garden Pink and Green Nursery

I blogged a lot more when I was planning C's nursery (you can find my original design here and the end result here), but with V, we were in such a whirlwind, her nursery didn't really come together until the very end of my pregnancy. Thankfully, the Knight's sister was kind enough to let us borrow her crib, we used the dresser that was already in the room for a changing table, and everything else was repurposed from other rooms in the house.

Regardless of the timing, I am quite pleased with how her room turned out.  We turned our favorite guest bedroom into her room, but kept the bed in there.  With as many guests (and family members) as we have, we can easily move her into a pack-n-play or bassinet when company comes and still have to extra beds for guests to sleep.

The artwork was made by a wonderful artist in Memphis (find her Etsy shop here).  Vivienne's name is spelled out on the banner.
 A few of Vivi's treasures...tiny, handmade baby shoes, a bank that was her daddy's, and vases for flowers:

 Love her mobile - ribbon and fabric birds!

 We have ordered an apple green recliner/rocker, but this will do until it arrives!

 A nice room shot - it is hard to get it all in an iPhone photo!

Flowers for her room from the Knight sent the day before she was born: 
 Coco playing peek-a-boo with her little sister:

sisters and secrets,
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AFS's newest addition

Welp, you might have wondered why it has been so silent around here.  Here's a hint...I don't look like this anymore. :)

(oh yeah - that's what 39 weeks looks like, baby!)

The Knight, Coco Bean and I are very proud to introduce you to little Miss Vivienne Alyne (aka Vivi Sprout).  Born January 4 at 7:49 a.m.  
She had long delicate fingers, my mouth, chin, and eyebrows, and a darling left dimple!

So proud! 
Miss chunky monkey weighed more than a pound more than her big sister at 8 lbs, 3 oz, and was 20.5 inches long.  Of course, she seemed teeny to me, especially once her big sister came to see us!

Coco is totally and unabashedly enamored with her.  She loves to give her kisses, pet her, and poke her in the eye, belly, mouth, and any other place we aren't quick enough to stop her. :)  She calls her "Baby DD" (baby talk for Baby Vivi?) and tells her in sweet Southern drawl "Byyyyye Byyyyye" every morning before she heads off to daycare.

It is really one of the most precious things I have ever seen.

We totally get where C is coming from...we can't stop looking at her either!  She's a doll!

My mom came for the first two weeks to help out, and it was amazing.  Not only did she stock my freezer with a month's worth of dinner, but she helped me decorate the nursery, cleaned our house, did all of our laundry (over and over again), grocery shopped, and kept C entertained.  She also took tons and tons of fabulous photos (including the portraits above)!  She is a wonderful mommy and I am truly grateful.  

The Knight is handling living in a house full of girls like a champ.  He has been taking C for morning runs, putting her to bed, and handling her toddler tantrums during the day while I nurse and tend to V.  Once I get a break from the little suckerfish, we trade off and I get to spend some QT with C.   At night, we collapse on the couch, sip a little beverage, and murmur to each other how blessed we are.  We might be exhausted and a little run down, but we know that these days don't last long and are precious in their own special way.

As for me, I am loving being at home with V during the day.  Although she definitely has a different personality than C, I am comfortable with her newborn-ness - something that I did not have with C.  Nursing is easier, and I was already sleep-deprived b/c of C, so it wasn't as bad of an adjustment this time, either (but still an adjustment, I assure you. :) )  C's pediatrician recommended that we keep her routine as normal as possible, so she is going to daycare during the day, even though I am on maternity leave.  I am conflicted about passing up 2.5 months of special time with both of my girls, but the Knight works on the weekends, so I get to taste what it would be like as a stay at home mom with both and WOW...it is insane.  Between C's temper tantrums, tears, and trying to crawl into my lap (and sit on top of V) every time I nurse V, and V's gassy fussiness and very vocal desire to be held (always), I'm not sure I would mentally make it if being at home with both was an all week thing, every week.
 So, my moments with V during the day are precious.  I am trying not to "do" too much and just really enjoy my time at home.  So far, I have failed miserably, but I guess that is to be expected when I worked up until the Friday before V's arrival, and she came the following Wednesday.  There was/is a ton to do around the house, and I just didn't get it all done before she arrived!  But when I see this sweet face, I do have to stop what I'm doing and just snuggle for a bit...what a sweetie!

Anyway, that's what has been going on in our neck of the woods for the past 2 weeks.  I am now the proud mother of two wonderful daughters.  Wow - I am really a grown-up now.  Funny how there has been no question for quite some time that I am a fully grown adult, but it takes me having 2 kids before it really sets in. I guess it is the awesome responsibility of raising these two angels that resonates with me.  I am in awe, overwhelmed, and yet ready for the challenges of life ahead.  What an adventure!

I hope you all are well, and will forgive my spotty blogging over the next few weeks.  Just know that even if it is silent around here for a bit, I will come back sooner than you think and sassier than ever!

Kisses from Coco Bean and Vivi Sprout,

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Shabby Apple Winner!

Thanks to all who entered the Shabby Apple giveaway and especially to Shabby Apple!  This is such a great giveaway, and the winner is SO lucky...I wish I could have won!

Without further adieu, using Random.org, the winner is NUMBER 2!

That winner is Amanda Cantrell of Our Life - Congrats!  I know it is not the Like a Dame dress, but you will look fabulous in that dress on your cruise nonetheless!  Congrats!

I know I am going to have to do some shopping on there myself - could this dress for C be more perfect for her baby blues? If you have the urge to do some New Year shopping, get 20% off using the promo code NEWYEAR. 

Stay posted for some BIG NEWS for the AFS household (i'm sure you can't imagine what in the WORLD that could be). :)

Cruisin' and chil'rens,
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Whoops! Shabby Apple Correction

If you have already read the AFS NYE Shabby Apple giveaway, you should probably read it again.  Apparently, I misread the rules of the giveaway (something that is apparently quite easy to do with a wiggly, wants to type on the computer, busy 17 mo old sitting in your lap), and was actually supposed to pick the dress, not allow the winner to pick.  I'm sorry for any convenience or confusion that this may cause you.  I have edited the post to reflect that the giveaway is for the Bali Ha'i dress (my favorite of the bunch).  I know some of you had picked other favorites in the comments, but a free dress is a free dress, right?

(lack of) Coffee and Corrections,
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