Belated (but Happy) Halloween (and Vivi is 10 months!)

In all the craziness of Halloween and this past weekend (Vivi with 104 fever, the Knight out of town for the Ragnar Relay, general AFS insanity), I forgot to do my monthly post on Vivi and Coco.  This may be yawn-inducing for some of you, but I know my mama and mama-in-law love it, and it is so fun for me to look back, so just roll with it, okay?

We have really been enjoying fall!  The Knight completed his second IronMan 70.3 in Miami (with a new PR of 5 hours and 25 minutes, woot woot). 

My mama (Mimi) came for that weekend to help while I took Caroline to a wedding in Nashville and we did our church's trunk or treat. 

My girls won cutest costumes at church.  It was a great night for my mom especially...she made C's dress for me when I was two, and won first place. 11 years later, my sister wore it and won first place.  And now C continues the tradition! 

We also to the girls to Cedar Hill Farm with a bunch of my friends and their kids...it was fantastic!

Okay, so here's the latest on C & V. :)

Vivi - you are a riot and turning out to be quite the tough little spitfire!  You have decided that no, you don't particularly care for your sister taking away ALL your toys, and you are starting to really let us know.  I have also caught you crying a couple of times even when she wasn't doing anything to you, so apparently you have figured out that mama comes running when you aren't happy. :)

You and your sister are really starting to play together.  My favorite is when we are driving down the road, and one of you starts laughing.  The other one joins in and pretty soon you two are just cracking each other up (and your daddy and me in the process).  Things that you have discovered make us laugh the most are blowing rasperries and bopping your mouth and humming, like a little Indian.  :)  You have also started waving bye-bye at everyone and everything.  Your "mama" and "dada" are getting better and better, and I expect you to start calling your sissy something soon, though I'm not sure if it will be her name, her nickname, or some other combo.  Like I said, you are a riot.

You are SO SO close to walking.  You push everything - the baby stroller, the shopping cart, even some of our furniture!  You stand by yourself all the time and get this little proud grin on your face.    We took you to get your own NEW pair of shoes (no hand me downs this time, since your feet are smaller than C's when she started walking), and you seem even more confident than ever!  Your daddy and I are projecting that you will walk on your own by next week, so we'll see!

You love puzzles and remotes.  You haven't quite figured out how to work your sister's puzzles, but are very good at dumping all the pieces on the floor!  We have started having the put the remote in a high place because you hone in on it every time you find it on the floor.  You are better at changing the channels than we are.  We tried to give you another old remote that we don't use, but somehow you can tell that it is not the "ONE."

You put yourself to sleep by humming and patting yourself on the head.  Thankfully, we still get to rock you, but I can tell that you are becoming more and more independent when it comes to sleeping.  I crave the end of the day, when I can rush home from work, feed you supper, and then rock you to sleep in your quiet, darkened room.  You are an excellent snug bug.  I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again...you are a wonderful blessing.

Coco - your sense of humor and dramatic flair is really starting to shine. You make us laugh a lot. I am having a hard time coming up with a particular example at the moment, but basically, your inqisitiveness, excitedment for life and all that is in our world, and happy go lucky attitude is the best. You love Barney, animals, airplanes, and candy! You don't like to have sticky "booguhs" and will clean the entire house with a baby wipe.  You are, undoubtedly, a serious shoe lover...just like mama.

Lately, you have been quite the show-off. "Watch this!" is your new favorite phrase. Usually, you like to show off your hopping or running skills. Your love for dancing is quite adorable too. After Vivi goes to bed, you stay up with me and daddy to watch the Voice. At every song you say "sit up, Mommy...dance!" And so, I begrudgingly get off of the couch, and start dancing. Usually, daddy joins in on the fun, and by the middle of the song, I am glad that you asked me to dance, and we laugh and swirl around the living room.
You are really becoming interested in taking care of your babydolls.  They sat unused for months, but in the past week or so, you have been putting Cheryl (the giant doll that my grandmother gave me when I was a little girl) to "bed" on your rug, and covering her up with your blankies.  You march around the house with your babydolls crammed in the babydoll stroller and take them for a "walk."  Although you still have a hard time sharing Mommy with Vivi, you are becoming so compassionate and caring toward your little sister.  This past weekend, Vivi was very sick and had a really bad fever.  Several times, I saw you place your sweet little hand on Vivi's head and say, "you okay, Vivi?  you warm?"  Melt momma's heart. 

On the way home from school, our favorite game has become pumpkin spotting. Each house gets your assessment...NOOOOOOOOOOO punkins! NOOOOOOOOOOO punkins! PUNKINS, MOMMY! PUNKINS! It is really fun. The "punkins" at our house are your favorite, and when I decorated for fall, you wandered around the house in amazement. So precious.

You also have started to voluntarily apologize when you get in trouble.  We've always asked you to say that you are sorry after hitting Vivi, but now you are doing it on your own...and it is heartfelt!  Last week, you were cranky and tired and you smacked mommy in the face when I told you it was time to go to bed.  We told you that hitting is not nice and you went to time out.  After you got out of time out, you went to your room on your own and I came in there to help you do some puzzles and read some books.  We were sitting beside each other, silently putting puzzles together, and you looked at me so apologetically and said, "I'm sorry, mama."  I said "why are you sorry?" You replied "Coco hit."  Of course, I just scooped you up and hugged you to pieces and told you everything was all better, but it really meant so to see your sweet little spirit shine through.  I it amazing how much that you are learning!  And we are teaching you!  Terrifying and gratifying all at the same time. 

Speaking of learning, here you are saying your ABCs and 123s for daddy while he was away this past weekend:

Loving fall and being a mama to these two delightful little squirts.  The Knight and I are so blessed.  When times get rough (believe me, it is really hard at times!), we just have to remember how fortunate we are and what little time we get with one another needs to be absolutely cherished.

Hope your fall is happy too!

crunchy leaves and cracklin' fires,
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Laura said...

Oh my! That brought me to tears reading that. You are such a good mama, and I can't wait for your girls to read these one day.

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