Currently Coveting...Cruise Clothes!

Soooo, I am getting REALLY excited.  The Knight and I are going on a cruise for 5 nights with two of our fave couple friends next month.  Both couples also have 2 littles b/w 14 and 18 mos apart, and I am certain that they need a break as much as we do! 

My parents are coming to stay with our girls which is SUCH a blessing.  We don't have to travel 7 hours one way to drop them off, they can sleep in their normal crib/beds, and my parents can use daycare during the day (if they want a break themselves!). 

I am so sick of shopping for work clothes (another wool blend pencil skirt? yawn.), so I find myself (almost daily) searching for the perfect outfits for our grown-up, kids-free vacation!  I have to say that I have been so successful in procuring a fun, cruise-worthy wardrobe, I might have to take two cruises, just so I can wear everything.  What can I say? I lead a very troubled life.  :)

Here are just a few items that I have picked up along the way that are going to be perfect for the AFS 2012 cruise (as well as a few more I am dying to buy, but so far have maintained a firm, responsible grip on my debit card...no promises it will stay there, though!).

This dress (in Gray and White) - got it on Zulily for $17.99!

This Esther Williams bathing suit (modcloth.com)
Beach Blanket Bingo One Piece in Red

These shorts from Anthroplogie (in coral):

I adore this print from Lilly:

And this coverup:

Less than 20 days, and we'll be cruisin'!
boat rockin' and margarita knockin'
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Beth Waltman Baby Mama Loves said...

I love the red and white dress and the retro bathing suit! I actually love them all but those two are my faves!!! You will be stylin' for your cruise.

Susan said...

Hi there,

I just started to offer Artsy Fartsy baby rompers and onesies. I see that you have a blog by the same name and thought I would tell you a bit about these items. I hope that you think that they are fun.

If you are so inclined, I would really appreciate a shout out in your blog or perhaps you could follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArtsyFartsyChild

Thank you for your support! I am just getting started and am queasy!

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