Plans for Caroline's Sunshine and Sprinkles 2nd birthday party!

It is hard to believe that C is going to be 2 in August!  Seems like only a few months ago that I was preparing for her 1st birthday party (details here). 

Here is a pic of Ms. Sassypants in all her glory.  Gosh, I love that kid.

The Knight and I are going on a cruise (with no kids!) and get back literally the day before her birthday, so I need to get everything prepared in advance.  You know me and my planning, I like to start thinking about our Halloween costumes in February, and birthday parties for C in September (for the coming August). :)

Having an August birthday party requires either a) an indoor party with rockin' air conditioning or b) an outdoor party with lots of water to keep you cool in the brutal Memphis heat.  Because I would like our house to still be attached to its foundation after the party is over, I have decided to do it in our outside. 

Before we get started, I have a disclaimer to make. I made a bunch of photo collages from stuff from Pinterest and Etsy. You can find the original links to everything from my Pinterest board here and from my Etsy favorites here

These incredible parties are my inspiration. I'm thinking I'd like to do a more nontraditional rainbow, replacing hot pink for red, aqua for blue, and apple green for grass green. I'm diggin' the rainbow theme that is oh-so-popular right now, but am starting to think that it is a little too "done."  I'm hoping I can use some of that inspiration, but I don't want it to be all rainbow, all the time. 

We are going to set up the baby pools, the crazy rainbow colored tent and tunnel that my mom got C, and some fun sprinklers and let the kids go at it.  Now that most of my friends' babies can walk, we need something to keep those rugrats busy!  There are some incredible ideas out there. Hopefully, we can make some of them a reality.

I found this incredible cake, this invite, and these cupcakes and knew I had to use these at C's party. 

I'm thinking that I could probably get a local bakery to make me one of those ever popular rainbow cakes (you know, with the different layers dyed ROY G BIV), get the outside iced in this wonderful lemony yellow, and take a stab at decorating it myself!

Here's what I have in the way of decor ideas so far.  Vintage striped and rainbow sheets (perfect for a photo backdrop or a tablecloth), raincloud and sunshine banners and hang-do-thingies to decorate the fence in our backyard.

I've already ordered these die cut suns and rainbows in various sizes.  I'm thinking I can use them in conjunction with some sort of birthday banner, as well as favor tags. 

I know some of these are repeat photos, but here's what I'm thinking in the way of food:

If I can find a sun cookie cutter, I'll probably make little turkey and cheese and PB&J (for my vegans) as something to coordinate with all the fruits and sweets.

For favors, I was thinking of more sidewalk chalk (I have tons left over from last year) and kiddie sunglasses.  Lately, C has become obsessed with accessories, so I think kiddie sunglasses will be a hit with a lot of the kiddos.  I also found a great playlist of "sunshine" related songs, so maybe I'll make CDs for the grownups?  We'll definitely be playing some of these songs as we party in the backyard!

My plan is to revamp some of the stuff from last year's birthday.  I'm thinking I can reuse portions of C's birthday banners, pennant banners, and photo booth props.  Of course we can use baby pools again, and C will also make a repeat appearance. :) He he. 

Hopefully, I can figure out a way to put my mom's awesome watermelon carving skills to the test again. Not sure what shape we will make this year, but if you have any ideas, let me know!

So that's where we are in terms of planning for C's number 2 birthday party.  If you have any ideas, insights, or great inspiration parties, please share!

Rainbows and runny noses,
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