AFS Bathroom remodel update (slow and steady wins the race, right?)

AFS here!  just checking in after a few days of silence.  I only have a few days left of maternity leave, so I am busy cuddling sweet Vivi and trying to get a few things done before I go back to work.

Remember back in the beginning of NOVEMBER when I posted about our bathroom remodel?  Welllll, it is still going on.  We are in the home stretch.  For all you runners out there, I like to think that we are at mile 20 of a 26 mile marathon.  Only 6 miles to go, but from what I hear those are the hardest.

So far, we have done the following:

  • completely demo'd the bathroom
  • removed the subfloor and replaced floor supports
  • installed new shower plumbing
  • put in new subfloor, drywall and concrete backer board
  • put in a new tub
  • put in a new vinyl window
  • closed up weird jack and jill type entry into the man room (now the bathroom only has access from the master bedroom)
  • installed new glass tile in shower and new ceramic floor tile
  • installed new toilet and vanity
  • painted walls
  • installed new crown molding and shoe molding
So what's left to do?
  • install lighting and vent fan
  • touch up paint on walls and crown molding
  • paint the vinyl window trim
  • install shower and regular bathroom fixtures (toilet paper holder, towel rack, etc).
  • install glass shower door
It has been an exhausting process, especially with a newborn, but we are almost there.  The Knight is amazing, and has done almost all the work himself.  Since I was either in the late stages of carrying Vivi or recovering from my c-section, my contributions have been solely idea/consultation and design.  I LOVE our shower tile - a little jewelry for the tiny shower packs a lot of punch!  

Enough blabbering.  Here's what you really want to see...pictures!  
So far, our bathroom has gone from this (bye-bye ugly pinky/taupe sink, tub, and vanity made for oompa loompas):

and this

to this 

and this!

To the Tortoise and the Tile,

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Joey White said...

I'm impressed! If Air Traffic Controlling doesn't work out for The Knight, maybe he can get a show on HGTV!

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