June in Review

Hello friends!  I took an impromptu sabbatical from the blog the last few weeks.  I just needed time to retreat, recharge, and focus on my real-life jobs of lawyer, mom, and wife.  We have been busy on all fronts, but in a good way.  I am back and ready to jabber.  I'm thinking a few big decor posts are coming soon - I am getting the urge to decorate/furnish our bedroom, so I'm going to start hunting for inspiration and key needed pieces for the room.  I promise to share. :)

Here are some recent pics of the Coco Bean. 


She is almost 11 months, cruising, crawling, eating "big people" food, and babbling up a storm.  Sometimes, I think she is saying "mama" and "dada," but it is hard to be sure.  Nearly every moment with her is delightful, and I am so thankful to be blessed with a healthy and quite happy child.  The Knight and I are smitten. 

We have also been enjoying the harvest from our garden, as well as our CSA basket from Whitton Farms.  We have quite a bounty of squash and tomatoes, several bell peppers ripening on the vine, and our watermelon plant is literally taking over our back yard.  All of this wonderful, health, fresh and organic food is such a blessing of summer!

Last night, Ayoden and I went to our first Foodie Memphis gathering at Las Delicias. 
(photo taken by Sophorn, author of Rococo)

We had a wonderful time eating, er, gorging ourselves with every imaginable form of Mexican food.  We also met some really cool people.  One person even identified herself as a reader of THIS BLOG.  Hello out there to the lovely Jessica!  How crazy is that? 

If you live in Memphis, love food, and love supporting local restaurants/owners, you have to check out this group - so fun!  Go here to learn about them on Facebook, and go here for the blog.

Well, I am about done with lunch, and need to get back to the grind - hope you are all having a LOVELY week and enjoying your summers!

rest & relaxation,
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AFS Friends on Etsy

Recently, I discovered two of my (real-life) friends have Etsy shops.  They are both very cute and offer very different things, so I wanted to share them with you.  Perhaps they have something in their shops that catch your eye or tickle your fancy (always wondered where that saying comes from).

Anyway, the first adorable shop is Harper & Eden, owned and operated by my college friend, Heather Broyles.  She is a beautiful person inside and out.  Her cute little girl, Harper, served as the inspiration for her shop.

So many of the headbands that I see on Etsy are just too "too" for my taste.  I really like the more understated, handmade ones, and Harper & Eden's styles suit me perfectly.  Plus, she has hair accessories for grown-up girls, too! (and did I mention FREE SHIPPING?!?)

Recently, I ordered this UT headband for C in the fall and these hammered bobby pins for moi.
FREE Shipping - Team Colors Poppy felt infant headband - Newborn to Adult Sizes - Headband or Clip
FREE Shipping - Hammered Metal Disc on Silver Bobby Pins

I also love this hydrangea headband and this poppy style.  Maybe my next order?
FREE Shipping - Hydrangea infant headband in Newborn to Adult sizes / Lots of Colors
FREE Shipping - Mini Poppy Trio omfant headband in Pistachio - Newborn to Teen Sizes available

As far as I can tell, Heather's shop has really taken off, and I have heard that she is even selling her goods in brick and mortar stores in the Nashville/Brentwood area, like Hot Pink.  Way to go, Heather!

Next up is my across the street neighbor.  Since we first moved into our house, she has been a complete delight and has really spoiled us.  She has given me countless plants (divided from her very own garden), lots of gardening tips, and occasionally a bit of neighborhood gossip.  If only all neighbors could be as sweet as her.

Her store, LuvvinJewels, has all kinds of awesome vintage home and jewelry finds.  I really like her selection and taste, and am happy to know that I now have my own little vintage store right across the street!  Ha!

I'm really digging this cute blue suitcase,
Vintage Lady Baltimore Train Makeup Case

pretty painted tole tray,
Vintage Hand Painted Tole Tray Filigree "Maxey"

and these cheeky bloody mary glasses.  So fun!
Vintage Bloody Mary Glasses with Ceramic Celery Stirrers

Hope you take a moment to enjoy my friends' shops!

handmade with care,
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(P.S. I was not paid or asked to post about these shops.  I just like them and thought I would share!  If you have a shop and want to share it, send me an email at curtsies (at) gmail (dot) com, and I would love to talk with you!)

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