Gift Ideas for Baby C's first birthday?!?

I really want to get C something wonderfully meaningful and useful for her first birthday.  Any suggestions/ideas?  I was thinking about something like one of those radioflyer wagons or a play shopping cart, but I really just have no idea.

I do have two things to give her:

Prudent Baby's wonderful book, "Prudent Advice: Lessons for my baby daughter."  (Amazon, $12.99)
Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Baby Daughter (A Life List for Every Woman)

These adorable pink sparkly Toms (Toms, $29.00)

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Delightful Derby

I don't have time to give this party the write-up it deserves, but this was the second year that we attended a Derby Party at my dear friend Elizabeth's house.  You can check her out on her cute blog, the little harvilles.  She is a hostess with the mostest (and quite adorably pregnant right now, I might add), and it always amazes and inspires me when I get to visit her beautiful home.

Here are some pictures snapped by my lovely mother and me of the pretty day.  I especially love the one of the Knight and C and his sister and her kids.  What a wonderful way to celebrate my 30th birthday weekend - spent with family, friends, gorgeous weather, and pretty hats and dresses!

Seersucker and lemonade,
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Artsy Fartsy Crafty Hafty Things

First, check out the most recent additions to C's 1st birthday party stash!  The first is a picture of an "I am 1" banner (before the letters were attached). 
The second is a cute little sign that we'll hang on the front door to let everyone know, yes indeed, you are whaley at the right place!
I also ordered a huge coordinating banner that says "Happy 1st Birthday."  All of it is absolutely adorable and great quality.  I ordered everything from Bella Baby Toppings from (where else?) Etsy.

Next up are a couple of things my mom and I made recently.  Here is a tote bag I appliqued for C.  I got the bag in the dollar area at Target, added my own bow and monogram, and VOILA - custom beach tote for the little one.
Of course, I had to make one for C's best cousin in the world too.  She is such a little diva, and I love her to pieces.
(yes, this is my adorable niece rocking it out in her Fancy Nancy fairy costume, pink suede boots, pink rockstar sunglasses, and pink guitar.  If I didn't have to work in the real law world, I imagine my daily outfits might look something like this, too.)

Here is a bib that my mom made for C.  She used laminated cotton, added a little monogram, and a pocket to catch the drips and crumbs.  It is very much a part of the bib rotation now.  Thanks, mom!

This is a selection of fabrics that I have big plans for.  I am either going to make a little coat or a fall jumper for C with these fabrics.  The plaid wool in the middle is a great weight for either.  I'll use the floral to the left to make piping for the armholes and neckholes (if it make a dress) or for piping for the collar and around the edges of the coat, if that is what I decide.  The soft linen to the right is actually more of a cotton voile, and it would either make a really cute fluffy slip/liner for the dress, or a nice, soft liner for the coat.
I am very much inspired by this shop, The Measure, on Etsy and love this apron style dress.  Definitely taking a page from that designer's book when I put the final touches on her coat or dress.
Titania - Grey linen apron pinafore with vinatge crochet and lace detailing
Finally, here is a close-up of a onesie that I recently appliqued for an expecting momma at our church.  I've been making a lot of these lately.  They are quick, fairly easy to do, and a nice personalized gift for babies.  I've also been making coordinating burp cloths, but unfortunately I have no pictures of those.  Boo.

Well, that's just a sample of what has been going on behind the scenes at the AFS household.  Hope your week is nearing a happy end, and you have exciting weekend plans. The Knight is competing in a triathlon this weekend, so C and I will be happily cheering him on from the sidelines.  Go Big Poppy!

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Chanel Inspired Baby Sprinkle!

View Violets Sprinkle

IMG_5581Run over to my sweet friend Amanda's blog, Our Life, for a very inspiring DIY baby sprinkle (sprinkle, not a shower, for the second baby girl).

The guest of honor is oh-so-stylish, and our sweet friends really outdid themselves with this one!

lilac and violets,
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Bye Bye 20s!

The Knight surprised me in a MAJOR way with an incredible surprise birthday party at our house.  He planned everything - the catering, the bar, the way he would trick me (even wrote the invitation himself!) and had two of my dear friends help him with the decorations. I was so shocked, I actually got teary. 

Let me just say that there are few things in my life as sweet as the memory of pulling up in my driveway and seeing 40 or so of my beloved friends and family waiting for me!

The best surprise was that Andy's mom, sister, niece, nephew and MY MOM all came for the surprise, too!  We were so fortunate to get to spend my 30th birthday and my first Mother's Day with the two best mommas in the whole wide world.

I know I am one spoiled lady - The Knight must really love me. :)

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