AFS Christmas Decor and Long Overdue Update

Last night, I got a sweet comment from Mrs. QBall asking me if I was okay and acknowledging the fact that I had not posted in over a month.
My first thought was "really?  it has been that long?"  I checked, and, sadly I realized how much has gone on in the past month that has not even merited a minute mention on here!

It has just been a whirlwind in the AFS household.  Coco Bean is officially a toddler now and totally keeping us on our toes - talking, tantrums and teasing us.  I'm trying to dance the delicate dance of winding my work down to get ready for maternity leave while still trying to put money on the books and keep my billable hours up.  The Knight has been diligently working on the bathroom remodel on his days off - it is slow process, my friends.  I know that one day, the bathroom will be finished, but I am also coming around to the idea that our daughters might be driving by then. 

Also, did I mention I'm pregnant with an extremely active child, and about to pop in less than 3 weeks?  Oh, and then there's that thing called the HOLIDAYS.  Yes, this mama drove 9+ hours to Apple Springs, Texas for a family reunion with C all by herself for Thanksgiving.  The Knight had to work, so it was just me and the Bean, mile after mile, hour after hour.  Also, there was rain.  Awesome times, I assure you.  This past weekend, we packed up the car AGAIN and headed to McMinnville to see the Knight's family.  Let's just say that C's patience in the car seat has worn tremendously thin and has us seriously looking at airplane rental for our next out of town trip.  Or seeing if Betty Rascal and Henry Bear can just watch her and we'll happily leave her behind.  And you think I'm kidding.

I don't really have time to do separate posts for all the events and developments in our lives the past month, so I'm just going to hit the highlights:

We decorated for Christmas - not as much as I normally do, but still very cozy and wonderful to have up a few of my favorites for this time of year.  When C saw the tree, she said "wow" then "yay!" and clapped her hands.  My kind of girl :)  Can't wait till she's old enough and interested in helping. 

Vivi's room is coming along, at a snail's pace, but we do have all the essentials, in case she comes early.  Here are a few crafty things I made for her room.  Pictured here are a hairbow holder, coat rack, and embellished pillow.  I'm focusing on mainly crisp greens and whites, with touches of pinks and yellows.  We are keeping the full bed in her room so that guests can still have a place to sleep, as well as Mommy or Daddy when feeding wee little Vivi.  We didn't have a bed in C's room and there were so many nights I wished we had one.  Sleeping on the floor just isn't that comfortable.

Here are a few snapshots of my baby belly with close-ups of 2/3 of Vivi's face (she's laying on her side, and her eyes are on the right side of the ultrasound photo).  3 weeks to go till we get to meet our second daughter.  I am really looking forward to meeting her.  Check out those chewable cheeks!

As I mentioned earlier, we went to Apple Springs, TX for a family reunion of sorts at Thanksgiving.  My dad's sister and her husband have an incredible farm with cabins, gun range, pond, etc.  We had a blast tromping through the woods, sitting around a nightly bonfire, and watching Caroline giggle with delight at my two goofy brothers.  They are enamored with her. 

I finally had to trim C's "Joe Dirt" mullet.  It was just getting out of hand and was not cute anymore.  I put her in her high chair with a really delicious snack to keep her occupied and distracted, put one of those bibs with the pockets on backwards, and trimmed away.  It is hard to tell in the pictures, but it is actually pretty even in the back.  Plus, it was free and I could do it in my PJs.  What more can you ask for?

Forgive me, but here are some more gratuitous pictures of Miss Sassy-pants.  Yes, those are red-sparkle shoes, which C picks out for herself nearly every morning.  Girl has awesome taste.  She recently discovered the pink sparkle Toms I bought for her birthday (still too big), and it is hilarious watching her insist on putting them on and thud around the house.  I foresee a closet full of beautiful shoes in her future. :)

A friend and I went to the Pink Palace Museum's Enchanted Forest and Festival of Trees.  C loved all the moving stuffed animals, the lights, the trees, and actually did not mind (too much) sitting in Santa's lap.  This was also her first year to meet Santa.  The Knight and I haven't actually decided what role Santa is going to play in our girls' lives yet (pretend loveable character?  real dude who actually brings gifts in a sleigh? beloved historical figure? mish-mash of all three?), but no matter what path we take, we are certainly going to let them enjoy the religious and commercial traditions of this holiday.  In my opinion, meeting Santa is one of those!

Finally, here are a few shots of us cheering on the St. Jude Marathon/1/2 Marathon runners.  All of us missed the deadline to register for the race this year (this race fills up EARLY!), so we decided to be "those" people and cheer on the determines while we sipped mimosas and bloody marys (well, except for me).  I missed running this year, but it was fun to see all of our friends as they sped along.  Looking forward to next year.  My goal is to do the 1/2 in under 2 hours.  We shall see!

So there, in a nutshell, is our crazy life this past month.  I also have some amazing pictures of the sprinkle (i.e., small shower) that my precious friends threw for Vivi, but it deserves it own post.  Hope you are all enjoying the holiday season, getting to rest and enjoying time with your family and friends!

Magic and Mistletoe,
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Yay! Love reading your fun posts :) Your home looks beautiful!

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