Currently Coveting...Etsy's best Christmas stockings (2011)

I don't know why, but my family is obsessed with Christmas stockings.  My mom craftily made personalized stockings for us when we were little (mine has a kitty coming out of a present, with lace and bells and glittery beads - yes, I might have helped her).  Every year, in addition to buying gifts for each other, we also draw names for "Stockings."  This helps take the burden on my sweet Mom, and allows the kids (now that we are old enough) to get into the stocking stuffer action.  It is one of my favorite family traditions.  Since the Knight and I have been married (7 years - woot woot!), every holiday season I have stalked the stores and the internet trying to find the perfect stockings for us.  When we had Caroline, it became even more challenging because I wanted to get her the "perfect" stocking, but also didn't know how many other kids (if any) we would have.  Of course, any stockings for my kids needed to coordinate, if not match.
I think I bought the 3 of us some "placeholder" stocking last Christmas at Target, but I am not convinced that they are the "ones." Once I break out the holiday decor, I am going to have to reevaluate my stocking situation. :)  Especially since little miss Vivi's arrival is right around the corner. :)

I found a TON of awesome options on Etsy and wanted to share the fruits of my search.  Seriously talented people out there.  It blows my mind all the handiwork and creativity that can be discovered on that website.

The Modern Traditionalist (probably my top pick for our home)
Modern Red Christmas Stocking
(Mona Leisa, $30 ea.)

The West Elm
White, Cream & Tan Patchwork Stockings
(Amanda Shue designs, $25 ea.)

The Brady Bunch
Christmas Stocking CHOOSE your color combo and Personalization
(Sunshine Daydream 4 U, $29.95 ea.)

The Newlyweds
Personalized - French Chic Burlap Christmas Stocking - Mr. and Mrs. Est. Date
(Simply French Market, $40 set)

The Green with Envy (also on the top of my list!)
Personalized Christmas Stockings - Set of FOUR  Recycled Sweater  - Lime Greens
(Handmade Pretties, $45 ea.)

The Mr. and Mrs. Claus
Velvet Christmas Stocking Vintage Red
(The Wild Raspberry, $15 ea.)

The Candy Stripers
Cute Modern Candy Cane Christmas Stocking
(Mini Ebbie, $10 ea.)
BONUS! Get 10% off when you enter ARTSY in the coupon code section of the checkout!

The Decorator
Personalized Christmas Stockings
(Monkey See Boutique, $20)

The Tea with Auntie
Diagonal Patchwork Christmas Stocking with Plain Cuff- Coupon Code - STOCKING - Free Shipping in US and Canada
(Kathi's Christmas, $30 ea.)

The Patchwork Princesses
Christmas stocking noelChristmas stocking pink linen stripe
(RoxyCreations, $39 ea.)

The Burlap Beauties (contender #3 for the AFS household)
Christmas Stocking - Tree on LinenChristmas Stocking - We Three Trees Linen
(Candy Argyle, $21 and 22, respectively)
BONUS - Get 10% off through the month of November if you enter "artsyfartsy" in the coupon code section of the checkout! 

The Linen Lovelies
Linen Cotton Blend Christmas Stocking with Cuff
(Sewing Passion, $25 ea.)

Last, but definitely not least...

The White Queen
Winter White Christmas Burlap Stocking with Two Buttons
(Red Door Home, $37 ea.)

There you are - my favorites!  Hope you enjoyed perusing the wonders of Etsy with me, and you find a few favorites of your own.

Stocking stuffers and secret Santas,
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Red Door Home said...

Thank you for including my stocking in this incredible list! They are all quite lovely.

Candy said...

Love this list of stockings! Thanks for including mine!

the wild raspberry said...

What a sweet collection of stockings you have gathered! Thank you so much for including mine!

I like your blog! I will be back.

Have a super evening.


Kathi's Kreations said...

Thanks so much for blogging about my stocking ~ among others!!! Love your picks!

EveandEb said...

We are new to etsy, thank you so much for featuring our Modern Christmas stocking on your blog. :-)

Tiffany said...

Too funny. I was specifically on the hunt for stockings today too! I am hoping to order a few from Etsy but I can't decide! Love them.

Rachel said...

Great finds, love all he stockings! Thanks for including mine and happy shopping!

Jocelyn said...

I love your blog!

These are great, definitely giving me good ideas. I just received an amazing pair of Christmas stocking from The Bootstrap Project. Its a non-profit organization I recently discovered that I'm kind of obsessed with. They create economic empowerment by partnering with artisans making culturally relevant art. My stockings came all the way from Tajikistan and they are beautiful!



Marnie said...

Stumbled upon your blog while searching for the perfect Christmas stocking...love it!

I have the same dilemma regarding having future kids, but not knowing names, etc & I want all to match.

Another thing I'm wondering is, as a young 30 something and our daughter being 5 months old, should our stockings read our first names or "Mom" and "Dad?"

Interested in your input! Merry Christmas!

Marnie said...

Hi there! I happily stumbled upon your blog while searching for the perfect stocking.

I also struggle with what to do as far as coordinating stockings since my husband hope to add to our family of 3 (really 4 if you include our dog :)

Another thing I wonder about is if, as a young 30 sonething couple and our daughter being 5 months, our stockings should read "Mom" and "Dad" or our first names? It feels weird to have mom & dad, but as our daughter grows older, I feel like it'll be weird to have our first name.

Would love to know if you've thought about that and know your thoughts!

Merry Christmas!!

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