BING BANG BOOM (AFS Master Bathroom Remodel)

If I asked you when would be a good time to do a remodel, I bet your answer would NOT be less than 2 months before a second baby is due.  I guess you could say that we are taking an unconventional path to remodeling our bathroom - I like to call it Bathroom Remodel Extreme.

Yes, it is very reasonable and practical to completely gut, including the floors, the one room in the house that a pregnant lady frequents multiple times in the night.  Yes, dust, concrete, and more dust do add that little something "extra" when holiday decorating.  Yes, holes in the floor which expose the house to the crawl space RIGHT BY YOUR BEDROOM is awesome.  Yes, budgets and a well-planned design are better when completely thrown out the window. :)

Seriously, we are having fun.  It has been one week, and our bathroom has gone from looking like this:
to looking like THIS! 

We had some rotten wood under the old tub, so the Knight bravely cut it away and got in the crawl space to remove the rest.  I guess as far as remodels go, this is a good time of year to have a giant gaping hole in your house.  The weather hasn't been freezing, and most of the bugs are already gone.  Shew!  It still creeps me out, though.

This is my inspiration bathroom.  I realize that we do not have gorgeous dark stained floors, and that my master bedroom could probably fit in here twice, but a girl can dream, right?
Pinned Image
(found here)  I love the wall color, the dark wood, and the bright white.  Also, the chandelier and garden tub are dreamy, but those probably won't find their way into the AFS home...this time. 

We have ordered this vanity at Costco:
(found here)

And are leaning towards doing a shower with this look:
(found here)

We are keeping the layout of this very small bathroom the same, in an effort to keep costs down.  Moving plumbing gets expensive!  

I like the layout of this vanity, toilet, mirror, and shelving, though we'll probably go with something a little "heavier" for the mirror.Pinned Image

(found here)

We haven't settled on floors or fixtures yet, but are trying to figure out how to match the hardwood in our bedroom and the man room (this bathroom connects the two).  If we can't do that, we'll probably go with bright white subway tile.  As for fixtures, we'll probably stick with polished nickel - it should lighten up the space and will mesh well with the fixtures in our other bathrooms.  As for a general color scheme, the vanity is dark wood, so we'll contrast that will brilliant white tile, a gray and white marble countertop, and grays and light blues for accent tile.  We are probably going to paint the walls a soft blue, like the inspiration photo.

I'll keep you updated as we go through this journey.  It is going to be a wild, but very educational ride!

Marble tastes on a linoleum budget,
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Mrs. Qball said...

Are you ok? We have not had a new post in over a month. Hope all is well.

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