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Trial, stomach bug, another trial, and a massive attack of a double ear infection for C took over my life for the past 1.5 months.  I am just now coming up for air and wanted to check in with my AFS friends (if any of you are still reading!).
Have you had a chance to get out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather?  We have been getting out every chance we get, and I am loving the change from Memphis hot summer heat to the mild temperature.  This preggo lady very much appreciates the break from the sizzle. :)

My mom and sister visited a couple of weekends ago, and they helped me doll up our house for fall.  I just love how much punch a little pumpkin here and gourd there can spruce up a home.  Here's a few peeks at our house these days...

(Doesn't our entryway just warmly welcome you home?  It makes me happy every time I drive up.)

(Sweet little greeter at our front door)

(She had more fun chucking the pumpkins down the stairs than smiling for a picture.  This is the face she made when I took away the pumpkin...mean ole' mommy).

 (A little fall cheer in the dining room)

(another shot of the dining room - yes, that is a Mickey and Minnie Jack-O-Lantern in the corner.  Caroline loves it, so even though it is tacky, we are keeping it there.  Plus, it makes an awesome night light.)

(A little homage to halloween in the breakfast room)

 (a closeup - the little ghostly guy is my favorite)

C loved getting the spend the weekend with my mom and sister, and I'm pretty sure they felt the same way.  Suffice it to say, we are all wrapped around her chubby little finger.

(the princess had to have her phone, her tiara, and her fuzzy pink boots before she would finish her breakfast with Mimi.  Too much!)

As for me and baby #2, things are going pretty well. I am at 28 weeks - only 12 more to go (if that many).  We haven't made much progress on the nursery, but I'm hopeful we'll get to that soon.  I can really feel her move A TON now, and we are anxious to meet her. The ladies at C's daycare have been taking her into the nursery to teach her how to "be nice to the baby," and I am so grateful for that. She is a tad possessive, and I fear that we are going to have a little push back when Baby Girl #2 comes along.

(finally, a belly shot at 28 weeks.  I like to call this picture "Hello belly, goodbye feet).

(this was a month ago, at 24 weeks - amazing how much this baby and my belly have grown!  Also, apparently I like purple.)

As for a name, we have decided to go with Vivienne Alyne.  We just love the name Vivienne, and Alyne is the Knight's mom's middle name.  Can't wait to have crazy Coco and Vivi running around!  Of course, I can't wait to start dressing little Vivi and decorating her nursery.  Here are a couple of items I've picked up recently:
(matching shirts for sweet sisters)

(custom drawn/painted picture for Vivi's room)

We are also gearing up for a trip to Austin where the Knight can participate in the 2011 1/2 Ironman Triathlon.  He has been seriously training for a while, and is really looking like quite the stud (check out those muddy abs at the Warrior Dash a few weeks ago). :) 

I keep teasing him that he does not get to look so good while I am getting so fat, but for some reason, he is not listening. It must be that 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run coming up that is motivating him to eat right, avoid (most) of the beer, and work his fanny completely off. Can't wait to cheer him on, and to get myself back in shape, too. I do not like weighing almost as much as my husband!

Caroline has entered the age where all her little friends are turning 1 and 2, and we have 2 birthday parties this Saturday. It is so fun to see all these little ones grow up and start to play with one another. It also makes me laugh when I think about how different life is these days.  Long gone are those lazy Saturdays spent shopping and getting a manicure and pedicure.  Now I am lucky if I have time to shop online and the nail salon is a distant, foggy memory.  At least she is making friends with all of my friends' children...it definitely makes hanging out easier!

So, there's a little snippet of AFS life these days.  I hope you all are doing well, and that your life is blessed.  I certainly am thankful for my many blessings, including this blog.  It might seem weird, being thankful for a blog, but I treasure our little community - random and sporadic as my blogging may be.  Thanks for reading!

Pumpkins and purple,
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Tiffany said...

Your house is gorgeous! Love that front door.

Janis said...

so glad you are okay - kept checking in and wondering where the heck you were. House looks lovely as does Cand hubby.

Janis from Scotlan

Janis said...

oooop missed out the 'd' from Scotland - no such place as Scotlan is there:)

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