Cute Mommy To Be Thank Yous (Plus Baby News!)

Why do I need cute Mommy to Be thank you cards?  Because we are going to have another baby GIRL in January!  I am officially 20 weeks today!
I am so excited that Coco is going to have a sister, and the Knight is thrilled that we get to reuse a lot of C's baby clothes.  Ha ha - just kidding, he is also excited about having another girl - despite his manly man facade, I just know he is going to love having tea parties and getting to play "Beauty Parlor."
To celebrate, check out I just ordered from Shutterfly these adorable "mommy to be" cards !

Expecting Soon Pink Thank You Card
Send thanks with Shutterfly custom Thank You Cards.
View the entire collection of cards.
swirly dresses and dance parties in the kitchen,
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the clark family. said...

Another precious baby girl!! Congratulations!!! Cannot wait to see what you come up with for her nursery, or hear what her name will be!! So excited for you! (can you tell by my extensive use of the exclamation point?)

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