Olian Maternity on Zulily today!

If you are preggo or are looking for a gift for a preggo friend, you have to check this out:
Olian Maternity is on Zulily today.  I have only bought a few Olian items (they are pretty pricey for maternity clothes, and I have only been able to find the line at Nordstrom's and Hauta Mama in Germantown).

Anyway, the stuff I own from C's pregnancy had held up really well, and is back in the rotation again.  I have a pretty nice wardrobe for this pregnancy, but I'm tempted to purchase a few dresses to get me through the winter at the office. 

These are my favorites:

Yay for late summer sales!
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Note:  I couldn't resist - bought the purple shirt and the brown and camel jacket.  Both looked so cute!

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Mary-Kate said...

Wish I had seen this earlier! Love Olian! I even had pictures made in one of their PJ sets! ha!

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