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So, I am long overdue to blog about C's 1st birthday party.  I always do that - when I have a big task (whether it is work or fun), I keep putting it off and putting it off.  I think it is the desire to make it perfect that keeps me from getting started...but if there is anything I have learned in my life, it is that perfect almost NEVER happens, but it most certainly will not happen if I don't actually begin!That being said, I think a Whaley Cute birthday blog post should be headed your way soon. 

Here's a teaser picture of the little queen for your viewing pleasure:

The party was wonderful, fun, and really about as close to perfect as I could have hoped for (in fact, about the only thing I would change is me being about 20 lbs lighter, but I digress).

Anyway, I don't know what has gotten into me lately, but I have been an Etsy fiend lately.  I CANNOT STOP SHOPPING.  Perhaps it is early nesting...and since I don't know what we are having yet, so I am just shopping away for our home, me, and C in general.  Whatever the reason, I am going to hold myself accountable by showing you my treasures and hoping I will shame myself into putting my debit card back where it belongs...snug in my wallet.  Not likely, but fun to try, right?

Family Name Pillow - from For the Love of Joy's etsy shop (I ordered it to match our living room - linen background, with limes, browns, eggplants, and burnt oranges.  Can't wait!)
Family Name Pillow
Love this child's name version too!

Here is our living room (just to refresh your memory)

Vintage Dress for C - from Shelby Black Vintage's etsy shop.  Can you just imagine C  in this sweet frock for family photos in another 2 years?  Because I can. :)
Candy // Vintage Dress for a Little Girl

AND this cute "Lucy" hat from the same shop - SO SO ADORE THIS!
Lucy // Vintage Summer Hat

Check out Shelby Black Vintage's sweet finds and get 25% off when you use the coupon code "GOODBYE."

Navy and Pink Newsgirl Crochet Hat with Flower - from Adorable Organics' etsy shop.  I have had this in my favorites for quite some time, and I finally bit the bullet.  She doesn't sell these in her shop anymore, but she's making me one because I asked nicely.  See what happens when you say "pretty please?"
Navy and Hot Pink Newsgirl Hat with Flower - 2-4 Years

Check out her fantastic newborn hats.  Hmmm...once I know the sex of #2, I think I'll be visiting her again...Baby #2 will be born in the winter, after all. :)
Organic Cotton Hat with Linen Flower and Rhinestone - Raspberry Red or Green - Fancy Newborn Photo Prop

Tres Chic Oval Magnetic Chalkboard Tray - from Her Majesty's Pug's etsy shop.  I bought this to use for the photobooth at C's party, but I know this will come in handy for all kinds of parties and events.  She shipped this baby SUPER fast, and happily peppers her correspondence with french.  j'adore!

Seen in BRIDES magazine The ORIGINAL  Tres Chic Oval  Magnetic  Chalk Board Wedding  Baby Shower  Shabby Chic Hostess Gift Paris Apartment

Didn't it look so cute on our photobooth prop table?

Orange and white polka dot pillowcase ruffle dress - from Hot Wheels and Fairytales' etsy shop.  I got one for C and one for my niece.  The thinking was that they would have a cute picture together in celebration of football season, but the weekend got away from us. 
Reserved for curtsies

No worries...C looks delectable in hers, and I'm sure M does also.

Take Flight Children's Art Print - from Cinammon Ink's etsy shop.  Got this for a sweet friend who had a baby a few days ago.  Her husband works with the Knight, and the nursery for new baby is decorated with airplanes.  How could I say no?

Take Flight Children's Art Print (red)

I got it framed in this really cool refurbished barn wood frame with a mat, and it looks great.  Perfect for the little aviator at heart.

Okay - confessional over!  Thanks for providing a listening ear.  As penance, I will do 10 Hail Marys.  But I'm going to have to buy some pretty new rosary beads first, so maybe that's not a good idea after all.  Perhaps, in addition to my event planning intervention, I will need an Etsy one as well.  Ha!  I'll leave that up to y'all!

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Mama Bub said...

I am such a sucker for a pillowcase dress - that one would be perfect for taking pictures at the pumpkin patch. I'm also in love with that little newsgirl hat - must have!

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