Growing, Growing, GONE!

As in my tummy.  Allow me to compare and contrast.

Egad!  How can an extra 5 lbs and a baby the size of an onion make so much tummy?!?  It is a blessing, I know, but sometimes it still catches me off guard when I see myself (and this new development) in the mirror.  I'm like "Whoa!" and then, to calm myself, I eat a chicken biscuit. :)  (no comments necessary on the fact that said tummy might be getting bigger because of the recent increase in chicken biscuit consumption.  i'm sure that is entirely not the cause.)

As in plans, decorations, and attendees for Coco's 1st birthday party!  That's right!  It is this weekend.  Can't believe she is going to be 1 tomorrow.  If you have read this blog for any length of time or know me in person, you know that I have a hard time doing anything on a small scale.  It is my nature to "go big or go home." 

I "tried" to keep her party small.  Really, I did.  Just some close friends, family, a few nibbles by the pool - nothing too complicated.  Ha ha.  Yeah.  Right.

Does this picture indicate just how far off track I have gotten?

Yes, those are party hats that I made by hand, anchors with clothespins glued to the back to hold pictures from the photo booth, a slew of favors, whales which will be turned into food signs, and a laundry basket and 2 Target bags full of other projects.  I also found actual "whale" knockoff Goldfish crackers yesterday, and nearly went into cardiac arrest.  I am officially and unabashedly Out Of Control.

Right now, I have received RSVPs for 34 adults and 14 kids, with 13 unknown adults and 7 unknown kids.  Yes...if you add that up, the total far exceeds 50 people.  Did I mention this is all going down at my aunt's pool?  She may never speak to me again. 

Seriously, this soiree may be the party that causes my family and friends to stage an event-planning intervention.

I can see it now... I come home after a long day of worky work, and the Knight greets me at the door.  He leads me to the living room where I am asked to sit down.  My closest family and friends (there are 50 of them, apparently) are all staring at me with saddened and concerned expressions.  My mother clears her throat, pulls out her letter, and that's when I make a break for it...gathering up all my hoarded party supplies, scrapbook paper, and glue guns.  Later, after an all day police hunt, they find me hugging my knees in the corner of the break room at Hobby Lobby, rocking back and forth, mumbling words like "candy buffet" and "smash cake."  Ha ha.  Yes.  That could very much happen after this coming Saturday. 

I'll let you know. :)

As in, gone out of the stores and online, but in my home waiting for a pretty frame to dress!  Last night at Anthro, I popped in for some teacher's gifts (yes, even at age 1, Caroline's day school has end of the year parties, along with parties for every other holiday.  Now that she can eat people food, it is a little more fun, but in the beginning, it was a little ridiculous).  Anywho, I had seen a while ago this gorgeous bedding online.  Of course, then, I had no idea that buying a new bed was in our near future, so I just forgot about it.

Last night, I was browsing the clearance section, wishing that anthro either made maternity or having a baby didn't involve abandoning your favorite stores, and LO AND BEHOLD, there it was...waiting for me...in all its beautiful and now clearanced out glory!

I present to you the Henrietta bedding (ta da!):

I bought the quilt, the aqua and cream shams, as well as the cocoa/gray colored euro shams.  What I really love is that one side is all kinds of funky with the vibrant corally red stripes and gray swirls.  The other side is just the green and gray paisley fabric.  It is quite similar in color to this bedding, which the Knight and I really liked online, but just wasn't as pretty in the store.

Soooo...even if the anthro bedding is a little too wild and crazy for the Knight's taste initially, I can get him used to the plainer side, and then one day (VOILA!) flip it over. 

I know, I know, my wildness astounds you.

bellies, blowholes, and bedding,
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Anonymous said...

I was laughing OUTLOUD! you are so funny:) and your "wildness is astounding" haaaaaaa!


Diane said...

You're belly's looking so cute! Blessings and hugs to you!!! :O)

Luke & Amanda said...

Hahah love it! And I would not be sitting in your den at your intervention...Id be waiting by the back door in the getaway car!!
Love you and cant wait for Coco's party!

Anonymous said...

This post is hilarious and makes me SOOO excited to catch up in MIAMI! Happy Birthday, Coco!! You are so loved!

jen r.

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