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Got two good sale/promo emails today and wanted to quickly share. 
First up, remember Fill In The Blankiehttp://www.fillintheblankie.com

Well, they are having a great sale right now - get 40% off blankets and gift certificates.  Just use this promo code:  BUYNOW and that will also save you 40% off blankets.  Use Promo code: LBRDAY and save 40% on gift certificates.  I think this sale lasts until tomorrow.

In the FREE department, Minted is giving away 25 free "mommy" tags

Get 25 Free Mommy Cards - Perfect for back-to-school playdates.All you have to pay is $7.95 in shipping.  Now, mommy tags aren't really my thing. 

I work during the day, and have very lawyerly (yawn) business cards.  BUT, I do love me some personalized gift tags.  So, I just modified the tag, and this is my end result:


(the print is small in the photo, but it says my name, and then "a gift for you, with love from the Roberts."  The back has a pretty paper design, too.  You get the cards free when you agree to let minted.com put their logo in a corner on the back of the card.  Since most places do that anyway, even if you are paying full price, so I didn't care.

Anyway, just wanted to pass on those two goodies!  Happy Monday!

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P.S. stay tuned for another AWESOME giveaway!

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