Fantastic Fill-In-The-Blankie Giveaway (plus big news!)

Hola!  Or, now that I am back in the States...Hello!  Our trip to Roatan was a positively dreamy vacation.  I can't wait to share pics and all the decadent details with you. 

But first...I have something exciting to share with you...An awesome giveaway from Fill In the Blankie!
I am so excited about this week's giveaway! It came at the most appropriate time, because, um, you see, it is quite relevant to my own life. :)

That's right...we are welcoming AFS and Knight Baby #2 into our world in January of 2012.  About 4 days after my 30th birthday, I was still suffering from a hangover that just would not go away.  Hmmm...I got to counting and a thinking and guess what?  B-A-B-Y!  As of right now, I am officially on "bump watch" seeing as I've gone from this at 12 weeks:

to this at 14:

Sheesh, baby is making its presence known!  I am about 15 weeks right now, and hopefully through the worst of the nausea and fatigue.  Oh, and, I am happy to report that maternity shorts/pants/jeans are just as comfortable as I remember.  Ha!

Okay, so now that you know why the baby blanket giveaway is SO apropos, let me tell you a bit about this great site.  Fill In The Blankie is a great company that sells ultra personalized baby blankets.  We're not talking about a little monogram here and a cutesy date there, no, we are talking about mucho personalization on all four sides of a plethora of sweet, sassy, and soft baby blankets.

They have all kinds of super cute and stylish blankets to choose from, plus a ton of great fonts.  Stumped on what to say?  No worries, they have a great website which is easy to use and provides great text suggestions for personalizing your baby blanket.


The lucky AFS winner of the contest will get a code that will be good for $150 towards any blanket of their choosing! 

Here's how to enter (you do not have to have a blog or website to enter...just enter the comment form as anonymous, put your name next to your comment, and check next week to see if you've won!):

You have 4 ways to enter.  You can enter 4 times, with 4 separate comment entries, or pick and choose.  For each method, PLEASE leave me a separate comment!

Method 1) (MANDATORY) Leave a comment telling me which blanket you would choose, thread color, and what it would say (generally speaking - no need to make all the decisions now, of course!).

Method 2) Become a blog follower, and leave me a separate comment OR leave a separate comment telling me you already are a follower!

Method 3) Tweet, facebook, or post about it in one of your online chat/community groups and leave a comment with the link to the comment.


Method 4) Write your own blog post and leave a comment with a link to your blog post.

(P.S. If you are having a hard time getting your comments to enter, just email me at curtsies@gmail.com, and I will try to enter them for you.  I don't know why Blogger is being so stubborn.  Grrr.)

See?  Isn't that easy?  The winner will be announced next Thursday (July 21) morning, and will be chosen using random.org.

Are you one of those adorable people who just can't wait?  Bless your heart.  I am one of those people, so I completely understand.  Lucky for you, the peeps at Fill In The Blankie are giving AFS readers 20% off through Wednesday, July 27th!  Even if you don't win, you'll have nearly a week to use that code to maximize your savings goodness.
Here's the 20% off code: af20ff

personalized baby blanket

The folks at FITB were super generous, and let me get a blankie too!  A full review with tons of pictures will happen next week, too.  In short, I was super pleased with the process, shipping, and product, but want to give you guys all the details next week (plus show you my cute creation!).

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  The Knight's family is in town, plus Benton is coming (my longlost BFF and college roomie), so I am really stoked for the weekend!

Artsy Fartsy and Adios,
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Femme Curieuse said...

Eeeee! Oh my goodness - how exciting! Congratulations, AFS!

Victoria said...

Yayyyy!!! Congrats! So excited for you!

Anonymous said...

Kathie M - This would be a perfect gift!!! I'd choose Natalie's on Cloud Nine for the blanket style. It would be a gift for my new niece of nephew but the parents are keeping the gender under wraps so I'd do the pink if it's a girl and the brown if it's a boy. I'd personalize it with all the general birth announcement information as well the names of our family members.

Anonymous said...

Kathie M - Entry #2 - I am now following your blog (though for some reason it still won't let me comment using anything but Anonymous).

Anonymous said...

Kathie M - Entry #3 - Tweeted... http://twitter.com/#!/navywifetill02/status/92319816844718080

Anonymous said...

Yay for Baby #2! I would order the blanket for a friend of mine who is expecting her first baby in September. It's a girl, so I would order pink thread...not sure yet the exact personalization, but what a neat idea!

jen r.

the clark family. said...

Congratulations!!!! So excited for your family!! And as precious as little Coco is, I know baby #2 is going to be another bundle of adorableness. You look fantastic, can't wait to keep following along as your darling family grows.

Tiffany said...

Congrats! Can't wait to follow baby #2 :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I would definitely get the blue blanket for my BFF who is due in mid August. Jessica S. (dinner friend)

Anonymous said...

I'm a follower (and really enjoy your blog and congratulations on Baby #2)


Anonymous said...

I would order large Pharoh's finest for my newborn nephew and my son who should arrive in a matter of days! What a great keepsake.


Kate said...


Love these blankets - I would choose Betty’s Most Graceful Waffle Weave and and have no idea the design style yet -- would depend on the baby, I guess!

Kate said...

Follower! ;-)

Anonymous said...

This is SO cute!! I love the idea!

I would order a white blanket (keepin it classy) in either the Pharoh's Finest or Hazel's Pride & Joy (because they're the softest on the cuddle-factor-scale!). This would be perfect for my sister-in-law who is due in January 2012 with her first baby, and the first grandchild in the family!

I would use the olive green thread to match their gender-neutral nursery, and would have the embroidery be the lyrics to "You are My Sunshine" because both my sister-in-law and I love that song, so this baby's going to be hearing it alot! :)

Jenney K.

Sarah Wall said...

Congrats on baby #2~I like the "Betty’s Most Graceful Waffle Weave" in fairytale pink, white thread, and not sure what it would say as it would probably be a gift for someone!

Sarah Wall said...

I already follow your blog!

Sarah Wall said...

Shared the link on my FB account, but not sure how to post the link that I shared: http://www.facebook.com/?sk=lf#!/sarah.p.wall

Carol Roberts said...

Comments #1.Love these precious blankets...but hard to choose. The "Cloud 9" that will come soon in Honeydew, with either a chocolate or darker green thread--since I'm not sure what we're getting yet. And would probably use some of the scriptures plus the name/birthdate. Posted about this on Facebook today.

Carol Roberts said...

#2--So happy you're having #2! #1 is such fun! And...I am already a follower of your blog--love it! You do nice work! Love you. Looked at the blankets again at "Fill in the Blankie" and I live the "sparky" yellow--would have to agree with the above note and have "You are my Sunshine" in green printed on that one.

Mama Roberts 4/6/1.5 said...

# 3 (I don't know how to Twitter) Here is my facebook link:http://www.facebook.com/?sk=lf
It's always fun to share the neat places you find to shop.

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