Gift Ideas for Baby C's first birthday?!?

I really want to get C something wonderfully meaningful and useful for her first birthday.  Any suggestions/ideas?  I was thinking about something like one of those radioflyer wagons or a play shopping cart, but I really just have no idea.

I do have two things to give her:

Prudent Baby's wonderful book, "Prudent Advice: Lessons for my baby daughter."  (Amazon, $12.99)
Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Baby Daughter (A Life List for Every Woman)

These adorable pink sparkly Toms (Toms, $29.00)

Gifts and glitter,
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Joseph said...

This was Caroline's big present from us for her 1st b-day.

Joseph said...


Janet Middlekauff said...

For our kids, we try and get them toys that they don't have access to at daycare. It makes the toys at home that more special.

Mary-Kate said...

I have the PERFECT gift! We were at a horse event today and there was a miniature horse there that has a sister they are about to sell!! The cutest little horse ever - it's about the size of a really big dog and you only need a half acre to keep it! )

mel said...

Those little Toms are amazing!!
Sorry, I don't have any thoughtful suggestions, no little ones in my life yet, and I'm sure I would just want to buy all the cute dresses at Baby Gap, haha.
This is my first time at your blog - I'm off to wander a bit more. Enjoy all the festivities of the birthday!

Mama Bub said...

My now four year old got a radio flyer wagon for his first birthday and we're still using it with #2. So useful, and fun and perfect for loading up with stuff at the park. Oh, and the sparkly pink TOMS are adorable too. I'm currently trying to decide between those and the paisley ones.

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