Bye Bye 20s!

The Knight surprised me in a MAJOR way with an incredible surprise birthday party at our house.  He planned everything - the catering, the bar, the way he would trick me (even wrote the invitation himself!) and had two of my dear friends help him with the decorations. I was so shocked, I actually got teary. 

Let me just say that there are few things in my life as sweet as the memory of pulling up in my driveway and seeing 40 or so of my beloved friends and family waiting for me!

The best surprise was that Andy's mom, sister, niece, nephew and MY MOM all came for the surprise, too!  We were so fortunate to get to spend my 30th birthday and my first Mother's Day with the two best mommas in the whole wide world.

I know I am one spoiled lady - The Knight must really love me. :)

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Kelley B said...

You are such a lovely young woman. I pray abundant blessings on you for the next 30, too. Happy Birthday! Yep, he is a keeper.

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