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First, check out the most recent additions to C's 1st birthday party stash!  The first is a picture of an "I am 1" banner (before the letters were attached). 
The second is a cute little sign that we'll hang on the front door to let everyone know, yes indeed, you are whaley at the right place!
I also ordered a huge coordinating banner that says "Happy 1st Birthday."  All of it is absolutely adorable and great quality.  I ordered everything from Bella Baby Toppings from (where else?) Etsy.

Next up are a couple of things my mom and I made recently.  Here is a tote bag I appliqued for C.  I got the bag in the dollar area at Target, added my own bow and monogram, and VOILA - custom beach tote for the little one.
Of course, I had to make one for C's best cousin in the world too.  She is such a little diva, and I love her to pieces.
(yes, this is my adorable niece rocking it out in her Fancy Nancy fairy costume, pink suede boots, pink rockstar sunglasses, and pink guitar.  If I didn't have to work in the real law world, I imagine my daily outfits might look something like this, too.)

Here is a bib that my mom made for C.  She used laminated cotton, added a little monogram, and a pocket to catch the drips and crumbs.  It is very much a part of the bib rotation now.  Thanks, mom!

This is a selection of fabrics that I have big plans for.  I am either going to make a little coat or a fall jumper for C with these fabrics.  The plaid wool in the middle is a great weight for either.  I'll use the floral to the left to make piping for the armholes and neckholes (if it make a dress) or for piping for the collar and around the edges of the coat, if that is what I decide.  The soft linen to the right is actually more of a cotton voile, and it would either make a really cute fluffy slip/liner for the dress, or a nice, soft liner for the coat.
I am very much inspired by this shop, The Measure, on Etsy and love this apron style dress.  Definitely taking a page from that designer's book when I put the final touches on her coat or dress.
Titania - Grey linen apron pinafore with vinatge crochet and lace detailing
Finally, here is a close-up of a onesie that I recently appliqued for an expecting momma at our church.  I've been making a lot of these lately.  They are quick, fairly easy to do, and a nice personalized gift for babies.  I've also been making coordinating burp cloths, but unfortunately I have no pictures of those.  Boo.

Well, that's just a sample of what has been going on behind the scenes at the AFS household.  Hope your week is nearing a happy end, and you have exciting weekend plans. The Knight is competing in a triathlon this weekend, so C and I will be happily cheering him on from the sidelines.  Go Big Poppy!

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Bloom High Chair said...

Love the I am 1 banner, I'm an ETSY shopaholic too!



talitabonita said...

love all your party decor.. what font do you used for the its a party door banner??

thank you!

talitabonita said...

love all your decor.. what font do you use for its a party banner?

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