Decisions, decisions...C's first birthday party plans!

Thanks to all who voted on their favorite birthday theme for C's first birthday!  I tallied up the votes, and the flamingo fans were the most vocal!  I think it will be the perfect theme for next year's party - kind of tea party meets Alice in Wonderland meets croquet meets PINK FLAMINGOS everywhere!  C is still a little unsure about the whole ordeal.  She thinks I'm making a big fuss.

Even though were are waiting another year to do the Flamingos, if you interested in this theme for your own big or little person party...here is a touch more inspiration:
Real life tea party inspiration (author won't allow copying of photos, but check them out...they are cute!)

Bridal Alice in Wonderland Tea Party!

Okay - how awesome would this be? 
5 Piece Pink Flamingo Tea Set
This year, however, C will be having one WHALE of a party! 

So why didn't I go with the voters' choice?  Because there is one voter's opinion who matters to me most...C's daddy.  The Knight rarely shows interest in things that have to do with decor or parties, and just lets me do what I want, the way I want (he is a smart boy).  But, when he does speak up and act interested, then I stop and listen. 

He was so cute looking over both themes, going back and forth.  Finally, after he had carefully studied both, he looked at me and shyly said..."I vote for whales."

How can I say flaming-no after that? 

So, we're going with the whales.  I am super excited...so glad to have some direction with my planning.  Of course now, I see flamingo stuff EVERYWHERE.  Figures.

Now that I have settled on a theme, the next thing is to pick a color scheme...I'm thinking that I really like the Vineyard Vines color scheme - soft pink, light blue, navy blue, with white accents (and maybe a little gray here and there?), lots of grograin, pink polka dots, and some pinstripes.  Doesn't that just sound lovely?

I just ordered a few precious items from Sweet Lulu to get me inspired.  Can't wait till they arrive!
(Pink and white candles, fancy labels, and gray and pink polka dotted tape...don't know what I'll use it for, but I couldn't resist the cuteness!)
(Special cupcakey liners)
 (Pink striped and multi-colored polka dot straws - everything has to taste better when drinking through such sweet delights!)

anchors away and under the sea,
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the clark family. said...

LOVE the party theme.

My friend did "a whale of a time" party for her son's first... I'll link to her post so you can have a look at it. Of course, everything she did was very b-o-y, but there were still some cute ideas. I can't wait to see what you put together, I know it's going to be gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

Not that I have any doubt in your ability to plan a fantastic party
for your sweet daughter's first birthday, but I was just looking and I
found a few links with ideas. I'm also looking for Natalie's 2nd
birthday...probably an Elmo/Abby (Sesame Street) theme. It's her
favorite right now. I hope these are helpful.










Have fun planning!


Artsy Fartsy said...

Thanks everyone! These parties are so impressive! I don't know if ours will be quite as fancy, but I know it will be fun.

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