AFS Kitchen remodel plans!

Why does it always seem like the moment I decide to start "budgeting" is the same exact moment that I get a MAJOR itch to do a huge home renovation?  I don't know why, but I am definitely noticing a pattern.

Anyway, the home we live in now, while nice, is not our forever home.  Although I would LOVE to do a complete revamp of our kitchen, the more likely plan is install new countertops, paint the current cabinets, and add some pendant lighting over a remodeled island.

Here are some photos of the kitchen as it is now.  Sorry for the random party pics, but apparently Flickr ate all my photos of the house when we first bought it, so I only have current ones :(

As you can see, I would like to remove the drywall above the island.  That drywall really closes in that room, and we would use a more open feeling in that dark, little room.  Once we remove the drywall, I would like to add some pendant lighting to brighten the space.  

While I am really attracted to these fixtures, 

two of these are probably more likely to fit in with the fixtures in the rest of the house.
Thomas Lighting - SL8238-63 - Rockford Mini Pendant in Painted Bronze with Worn Highlights

Here's one real life kitchen that went from looking like this (eerily familiar to me...looks a LOT like my kitchen):

To this (I couldn't find any updated photos, but already what a transformation!)

And now, for some beautiful kitchen inspiration!

Remodeling dreams and kitchens supreme,
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MasterShake13 said...

I'm in the process of formulating my plan for my Northern Virginia kitchen remodeling project...I really wanted to do a retro 1950s-style kitchen with modern accents, like an island with bar-stool seating and a gas-range inlay. But after seeing all these beautiful kitchen photos, it's so hard for me to decide what to do! The kitchen is my favorite room in the house, so I'd better make it a good one! Thanks for the ideas! Can't wait to get started! :D

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