Coco's nursery featured on Spearmint Baby today!

Good morning to you all! Do you read Spearmint Baby? It is one of my favorite "baby blogs." The nurseries Shari features served as a bulk of my inspiration when planning Baby C's bedroom.

I am tickled pink that she featured ours today - go here to check it out!
For even more photos and lots of links to the items in her room, go here.  AND...If you want more info about the planning and work that went into getting her nursery ready, go here for the original plan, go to this one for details on the mobile, this post when I was torn about the furniture, and here for how to take a storebought crib skirt and make it your own.

(the original mood board/mock up of Baby C's room)

Now that our pumpernickel has been around for a few months, I have to say that her nursery is functioning pretty well.  The layout works, the rug is miraculously still in good condition, her furniture is great (although we did have to contact the merchant for a few replacement pieces), and the color is still very appealing to me.  The only things we added after her birth were a hamper, a trash can, a humidifier, and we moved more books from the bookshelf to the end table.  We also tried to install a dimmer switch, but for some reason, we couldn't get it to jive with the eco-friendly flourescent bulbs in her ceiling fan. 
If you are planning your nursery and have any questions, feel free to post a comment or shoot me an email at curtsies (at) gmail (dot) com.  If there is one thing I can think and talk about all day, it is shopping and decorating!

Mobiles and momentos,
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Kate said...

Still in love with your nursery.... and especially with that beautiful zinnia print on the wall!!! Congrats on being featured!

Mamacarol4 said...

So happy to see you featured on "Spearmint Baby"--went there today and enjoyed roaming around. You and the Knight put so much thought and love into Coco's room--what a perfect place for my first grandchild.

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