Help us pick a Christmas Card!

Dear Readers:

I am in a bit of a conundrum.  See, I have a very cute baby girl.  Who happens to be most photogenic.

I also happen to have two adorable dogs and a hot husband.

I would like to show them off to all my friends and family in the form of a photo Christmas Card.

My problem?  I am having the hardest time deciding which one!

I am using Shutterfly as my photo card source.  We used them for Coco's birth announcement:

and I was most impressed with the quality of the cardstock, their prompt delivery, and the overall gorgeousness of the card.

Plus, they are offering 50 FREE photo cards to bloggers who write about their products.  Since we send out about 200 cards, that is like getting an additional 25% off!

So, here are my top 4 picks.  Try to let me know which one is your fave in the next couple of days, as AFS needs to get to gettin' and addressin' these babies!

 #1 Seasonal Chic Noir Card?
 #2 Snowflake Wishes?
 #3 With Love Chartreuse Christmas Card
 #4: Peppermint Bliss Perfection?

Please help us pick our Christmas Card.  Love to you all and enjoy Cyber Monday!

Pouty lips and Peppermints,
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Road Rags (or: easy craft to do while riding in the car)

I don't know about you, but one thing that is MOST frustrating about taking road trips is the complete waste of time that traveling creates.  You can't write thank-yous, because it is too bumpy.  You can't blog, because we aren't fancy and we don't have a laptop, or an iPhone/Droid with a 3g hotspot.  Reading is fine for a while, but at some point, it gets too dark to read, and using a head lamp is distracting for the driver.

Basically, riding in the car is only good for singing at the top of your lungs and bustin' out those dance moves that haven't seen the light of day since 1999.  That is, that's how I felt until I discovered this tutorial.

The project takes you from here:

to here:

Isn't this a great project?  All you need for the road are your scraps, ribbons (about 100 strips according to the author), and a wire hanger!  I love the idea of doing this project using icy blue, shimmery silver and pure white for a Christmas winter wreath that could take you well past December 25th. 

Also, I would like to be wearing these darling moccosins while crafting away in the car.  Aren't they the cutest?
(Blue Feather moccasins, available here for $129)

Tootsies and travels,

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Happy Fall, Y'all!

Coco was very excited about her new dress this morning and wanted to show it to you...

Just like her momma, she gets giddy at the idea of new clothes!

Giggles and grins,

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Hotsy Totsy!

Do you Totsy?  Like Zulily, it showcases high end kid labels for super discounts.  Occasionally, they have grown-up brands, too.

I just bought several toys for Christmas from the Melissa & Doug brand at a super price on there.  I love the Melissa and Doug brand because they are well-made and encourage thinking and creativity. 

Check out what I got today:

If you are interested in joining (it's free!), go here and sign up today!
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P.S. I am in no way paid for my endorsement of Totsy, Melissa & Doug, or Zulily.  I just like them all and wanted to share it with you!


The many moods of Coco Bean.

Contemplative (especially about bubbles).
Fussy (but only occasionally).
Done (with photoshoots, that is).

Baby cheeks and cheeky babes,
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On my mind:
Christmas shopping (seriously, why didn't I get this done on maternity leave?)
How I can get baby girl to sleep through the night (still getting up 2x a night to eat, hungry girl!)
Billable hours (hullooo real world)
1/2 marathon in one month (11 miles this weekend, thank you.)

In my shopping cart:
Perfect purple platform pumps (how's that for alliteration?)

"Stash" presents for that last minute gift

On my iPod:
Miranda Lambert's Revolution (is it creepy that I think sometimes that she and I would be friends in another life?)

In the mail:
Sweet frocks for baby Coco

On my body:
Pumping and court friendly Julias dress from Tarjay.

Hot animal print heels - they always take the girl next door from basic to brazen in 10 seconds flat.

On my heart:
Bringing Nolan Home (my dear friends are trying to adopt...God bless them! Check out their sweet family blog here!)
White Christmas or White Liar?
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CSN Product Review Preview!

Most of us are no strangers to the CSN brand's large selection of stores.  They have everything from stores that specialize in the ever popular (and practical) end table to stores that carry posh pet products.

You may recall that several months ago, I held a giveaway where one lucky winner got a $60 credit to use towards any store of his or her choosing.  Well, CSN has offered this time to spoil Mama AFS and give me a $75.00 credit to review one product from any of their stores!

The hardest part is picking just one item from so many great things to choose from.  At first, I thought I would review these babies,

but then I saw that this brand (Pleaser) sells what appears to be exotic dancer shoes, and I was afraid these lovely spectator mary janes would look a little too stripperish for the real world.

Next, I thought I might review a new work tote.  I really like this one,

but it just isn't the "one." You know what I mean?

I also considered this, this, and this, but it wasn't until I stumbled on THIS that I knew it was THE ONE.

Go here for some better pictures.

Why is this the ONE?  Because I need a work bag.  AND I am hard on work bags.  FURTHER, I am an expert on work bags as I have bought several and used to sell them when I worked at Franklin Covey.
So, in a word, this is the ONE for me to use my $75.00 credit.  It has the potential to be the perfect new work bag, can travel on airlines and to court, and is good old basic black.

I'm not really sure when I will obtain said ONE, but upon its arrival I will make sure to report to you, dear readers, about its quality, weight, ability to hold lots of things AND its ability to stay on your shoulders (I always have a hard time with that.  Maybe I'm slopey.  Dopey, move over.  There's a new dwarf in town and its Slopey!).  Anywho, I am looking forward to testing this one out...I need something to hold my work, lunch, and the most recent addition - breast pump horns and bottles.  They don't fit properly in my current work bag, and I have gotten some interesting looks and raised eyebrows in the elevator the past few days!

Also, just for fun, here is a couple of adorable pics of the my babies (yes, the furbabies, too!) that my super talented mother took:

Coco seems to be adjusting to daycare quite well, and I am really enjoying being back at work.  Maybe I am not maternal enough, but I am happy to be around adults on a daily basis again.  For me, a mentally happy mommy is a better mommy, and I think I need to be working out of the home to avoid depression.  When I was at home, while I absolutely adored having unlimited time to spend with the Bean, I hated that my day was this amorphous, unknown being with no structure.  I felt dazed and a little lost.  At work, I have cases to handle, I hear all the good gossip, and I stay current on the news and community events.  I think Coco is in excellent hands, and her daycare is one of the best in Memphis.

Well, I'm off to wash dishes, fold laundry, and try to get to bed early...oh the joys of household chores!

Orphan socks and baby locks,
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