Why sleep deprived mommies with screaming babies should not have to drive...

Needless to say, after this occurred, Coco was not the only one crying.  When I called the Knight to tell him of my accident, I was sobbing so hard he couldn't tell if I was crying or laughing.  This week has really been the pits - Coco isn't sleeping and has started fussing ALOT (which means I'm not sleeping either), the baby announcements that I finally got around to ordering were sent to my old law school address in Knoxville and Shutterfly won't fix it unless I pay the exorbitant shipping fee again, my baby weight loss has completely stalled (9 lbs to go, but I've been there for weeks), and now I have ruined our new (to us) car's paint job. I know that there are much bigger problems in the world, but I'm having a pity party for myself today.

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half marathon and marathon tips and gear

Hullo all!

I am losing readers right and left, and I am SORRY!  Baby girl seems to have a sixth sense about blogging, and, for the past two weeks, as soon as I sit down to type, she screams for her mama.  I have managed to get her to sleep, so we'll see how long she lasts.  Until she wakes up, I wanted to share with you a few non-baby things that the Knight and I have been using, doing, and talking about.

We are going to do the St. Jude Half- Marathon again this year - this will be our second St. Jude and the Knight's 4th and my 3rd half marathon.  Here we are in 2008 holding the only baby we ever thought we would have - ha, how things have changed.

I won't be able to run it since I got pretty out of shape while preggo, but I am going to walk it with some friends.  It will take longer, but I know from experience that it will still be fun!  The Knight is using this training schedule (it is more advanced), and I am using this one.

What I love about running and walking is that it is one of the cheapest sports you can do.  All you need is a pair of running shoes, and the willpower to take your body off of the couch and out the door, and you are golden.

Of course, moi being the shopaholic that I am, you know I love to accessorize. Just a pair of shoes isn't enough for me.  So, here's a list of my favorite running gear and tools to help you get going!

Garmin Forerunner 110 - we just got this for the Knight (his birthday gift) and it rocks.  It is easy to use, and you can easily see your pace, mileage, and the amount of time you have been running/biking/walking etc.

Running visor - pick one with a sweatband around the front, velcro in the back, and a cheeky saying.  I prefer visors over caps because I get hot and I don't like all that heat trapped in.  Also, a visor reduces the need for sunglasses, which substantially cuts down on the reverse raccoon look you can get when your mileage  and your exposure to the sun increases.  My visor says "Sorry, I've got to run" and it makes me giggle every time I put it on.

Running skirt - this may be a bit too "too" for some of you, but I love the running skirt because I don't have to worry about my shorts riding up and getting that oh-so-flattering inner thigh exposure look.  The link takes you to the award winning Gym Girl Ultra for $60, but I got mine at Target for about $15-20.  Also, I feel cute when I run...tennis players shouldn't get all the saucy looks, no?
Finally, I know I promised no baby stuff, but I just have to show you our one big baby splurge - the Bob Stroller.  For those of you who don't constantly have baby on the brain (I am so envious), the Bob is an incredible jogging stroller that makes dog parks and rocky terrain seem like fluffy clouds to baby and jogger.  It is pricey, but it is our only stroller, and we love it...Coco sleeps, Betty hangs out in the lower basket for my long walks and runs, and I get out of the house.  We all win.

Well, I hope you liked these few items that make our runs happier.  I also hope you guys will stick around and help me get through these first few crazy months with Coco.  I promise that my blogging will get better, but I don't want to lose you all while I'm kind of on a blogging hiatus!

Marathons and mouthy kisses,
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