Baby Shower Boom!

This past weekend, the Knight and I headed to Nashville and McMinnville for two fabulous baby showers.

The first one was in Nashville and hosted by three of my dearest friends from college. It was so nice to get together with all of my Nashville friends (ranging from friends from high school best buds all the way through law school!). They used Coco's nursery colors as party inspiration, and really showed off their fine Southern hostessing skills.

Cute favors for guests. The bags contained little glycerin soaps!

The food was incredible. The brunch menu consisted of sweet and savory delights!
Our college sorority mascot is a lion...Coco's first one!
My fabulous friends and hostesses with the mostesses. :)
The biggest treat was my mom and sister's appearance at the shower. They literally left their house in Tulsa at midnight and drove 9.5 hours (through the night) to get to the 10:30 shower in Nashville. Seriously - they are amazing, and I felt like the luckiest girl!
The girls got to feel Coco kick. Here, I am 34 weeks! Only 6 more to go!
I miss all my Nashville girls! Hope we can all get together soon!
On Sunday, the Knight's family threw a baby shower just for the women in the family. The hostesses were the Knight's mom's best friend and her three daughters. They are practically family, as well, so it was the perfect occasion for everyone to get together! Sadly, I don't have as many pictures of the shower, but it was just as lovely and fun!
Aren't they a beautiful family?
My precious sister, sister-in-law, niece, and mother-in-law.
We had a wonderful time, and it was so hard to say goodbye to everyone. I really, really miss middle Tennessee. As much as I am growing to love Memphis, I wonder if it will ever feel like my "home" in the way that Nashville does. I dream of living there again, but if that doesn't happen, I'm thankful for the life and incredible friends that we have here in Memphis!
Home sweet home,
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Babydoll needs...

These two adorable linen dresses and this awesome froggy sock toy! I keep having to tell myself, "Self, you MUST focus on getting carseat and stroller FIRST!" I keep telling myself that, but my resolve is weakening with each look at these tiny, immaculate perfect frocks for Coco!

(Found on Zulily this a.m. Clothing and toy by Empress Arts)

I am trying so hard to be good, and Babydoll Coco's closet is already brimming with bitty baby beauties, but these are SO hard to resist!

Linens and lace,
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Currently Coveting...Pearls and Peace

I am a beach bum at heart, and nothing makes me pine for the beach more than aqua colored anything and pearls. Something about pearls instantly calms me and brings me a sense of quiet peace. Maybe its the pure, creamy luster or the fact that the pearl items I own all come from people who love me?

Anyway, here are four pearly beauties (dare I say four affordable pearly beauties?) that I just had to share. Enjoy and peace be with you...
1. This fabulous pearl ring (I have loved this ring for a while. Maybe I should just get it for myself?)

2. Starfish necklaces (I know these are for bridesmaids, but wouldn't this be a fun spin on the old "friendship bracelet" idea?

3. Simple pearl earrings (and only $20, too!)

4. Pearl cluster necklace (timeless with a little kick)

perception and pleasures,
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I am way excited about tonight because the Knight and I are going to see Chicago at the Orpheum! We both loved the movie, and I was thrilled when I learned that the play was coming to Memphis.

This year, I am on the board for a young lawyers group, and when I heard that Chicago was coming, I thought it would be the perfect group outing for those of us who are legally and artistically minded. I am happy to say that we had a great response, and about 30 attorneys are going tonight to see the play! This afternoon, I dropped off the remaining tickets at the will call box office, and I could hear the Chicago actors cheering and singing in the auditorium. I think their director was getting them pumped for tonight's big show, and it gave me goose bumps! I haven't performed on stage much, but for the times that I have, I love that jittery, nervous, and excited feeling you get right before the big night.

Funny, now I get that feeling before trial. I guess I figured out a way to get that rush without being an actress, after all!

Anywho, its a little late in my pregnancy to be dishing on maternity clothes, but I had to share with you a brand that I have discovered that I LOVE. Perhaps some of you newly prego mamas might need the help (goodness knows, I sure did!). I went to a local store here called Haute Mama Maternity. They are pretty pricey, but they had a few really beautiful things. I tried on lots of pieces from one brand, and they all fit beautifully. The brand is Olian and you can find it a Nordstrom's, Due Maternity, and even Amazon.

This dress was sooo pretty on...I wanted to buy it, but with only 6 weeks to go, I think I can make my current wardrobe work.
I also really loved this sleepwear set. Do you seen the tiny matching sleep gown for the baby? So cute! I never thought that I would be the type to actually WANT an outfit that matched my child's, but these are just PJs, right? :)

Its okay, you can say it...I am turning into a major CHEESEBALL.

Hope you have a happy Tuesday evening!

Theatres and high kicks,
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Pretty Bitty Baby Things

Hello there and happy Thursday to you! Just had to share to the two lovelies I bought for Coco this a.m.
Go here to check out your own smocked preciousness and here to join Zulily. I love this website...cute stuff for kids (and mamas, too)!

Here are a couple of projects that I've been working on for Coco's nursery.

(bird mobile to go over the changing area. awesome birds from land of nod)

(homemade bird mobile to go over her crib. birds hand-stitched by me, my mom, and her best friend! bird pattern found here)

Funny story about the stuffed birds. Betty is convinced that they are all for her. For about a week, a different bird would disappear each day. Inevitably, I would find it either (a) in Betty's mouth while she was hiding under a bed or (b) hidden behind the couch (where she "buries" things) for later snoshing. Thankfully, none have been damaged, but I have had to move them out of her reach and keep on extra careful eye on her. Whatever will we do when the baby comes and she actually tries to play with her toys? Betty will be out of control!!!

Here is a cute burp cloth we just received with her initials. I just go gaga for anything monogrammed!

I have FINALLY washed all her bedding, fixed the bed skirt to my liking (look for a tutorial on that later), and the sheets I ordered have arrived!

The Liberty of London set had WAY too much pink for my liking, so I googled aqua striped crib sheets and found these sheets at Babies R Us. I closed my eyes, pushed "confirm" to order, and prayed that they would coordinate. And...they do! They look perfect with the bedding, and now her bedding isn't quite so "so."

Here's a better shot:Finally, here is a shot of 1/2 of her room. Still no curtains, but we have a rug from Target, a big chunky white mirror from West Elm to hang over the changing table, a funky side table from TJ Maxx, and an awesome aqua storage ottoman from Target. AND I ordered this decal for the wall over her crib (24x35 with a white background and pink letters). Hopefully, I'll get a lot of that in place this weekend!

The puppies also think that this fluffy white rug is all for them. I often find them "sunning" on it in the morning, or having a crazy grass fit of rolling and grunting, as if they are outside in the yard. It is pretty easy to clean, so it doesn't bother me that they like it so much, but I have rolled it back up, just until the baby comes. Otherwise, we might have to clean it before she even gets here!
I can't believe that I am almost at 33 weeks. Only 7 weeks to go. We still need to get our car seat, a pack n play, and a stroller, as well as a few other things, but really, if she came tomorrow, we could get that stuff in a heartbeat and be good to go.
Isn't amazing how time has flown by? It seems like just last month I was wondering if I would ever be far enough along to find out her sex, and now we could meet her within the next month or so. A tiny miracle. Crazy! It still blows my mind that the Knight and I MADE a little person who will grow up to have her own beliefs, opinions, tastes, and future. Incredible.
Okay, enough mushy stuff. Look for a CME post tomorrow about our recent Backyard Blockbuster. It was a hit!
Smocking and shopping,
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Mondays don't suck...

When you have these guys to welcome you in the morning.

I know we're expanding our family in just a few weeks, but these guys will always be my first babies.

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Pregnancy Body Image Issues...

How is it possible that I once looked like this:

(photo from my fabulous bachelorette party, circa 2004)

And now, look like this?

(photo from nursery set-up, circa NOW)

Oh, sweet Coco. I hope my "pre-you" body is not yet another memory for the photo albums. If that is my fate, I am certain you are worth it. I just hope that's not my fate!

Unknown fate and baby weight,
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Hip Hostess Gift in a Hurry

It's Friday! Check out my post at Create My Event for a hip hostess gift in a hurry.
Hope you are all having a great day!

Parasols and party pretties,
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Cool Baby Gear: Rockabye Baby CDs

Um, hello...why haven't you guys told me about this?
Now, this is the kind of kid's music that I think I could actually tolerate and even enjoy! Available at Amazon for $13.99 each. A complete listing of Amazon's Rockabye Baby offering listed here.

Guitar riffs and baby gurgles,
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A few of my favorite things...

As of this past Saturday, I am at 31 weeks! Only 9 more to go, hopefully. We are 3/4 of the way done with the nursery, and I am so ready to be done and show you guys the final result!

The Knight and I are in the thick of showers for Little Miss Babydoll Coco. We have been just floored with all the generosity, creativity, and kindness that our friends have exhibited in their gifts for our baby girl. Her room is already filled with lovelies, and we still have 2 more showers (yippee!). Our baby girl will definitely have everything she needs and more when she enters this world.

I don't know about you, but I always like to be nosy and see what people get for their weddings, birthdays, baby showers, etc. Perhaps you share my nosiness? If so, for the next 8 or so weeks, I'll be highlighting a few of my favorite things we have received for Coco. One day, it will be interesting to look back and see exactly what things became her favorite things, but until then, Mama knows best, right?

This week focuses on all things vintage and pseudo vintage.

starting clockwise in the left upper corner:
2. sweet Koala bear with polka dot ears and feet
3. Sophie the Giraffe. Best. Teether. Ever.
4. Teeny vintage chair
5. Fantastic handmade crochet hat, complete with marabou pouf

Squeaks and squirms,

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AFS' Own Personal Poolside Baby Shower (plus Babydoll's name reveal)!

It's FRIDAY! You know what that means...another par-tay post by moi over at Create My Event. This week's feature? Well, a party thrown for ME by four of my dear friends who are expert hostesses with the mostesses.

Because I am such a sucker for other people's pictures, I went ahead and posted all the pics on here that I posted on CME. BUT if you want the details, you have to go over there...and while you are at it, leave me a comment (here or there and anywhere!). It's nice to know that you guys are reading, and I really do LOVE hearing from you.Also, if you look veddy, veddy closely, you can probably figure out Babydoll's real name! I don't want it to become "searchable" on the internet, but I would hate for you, dear readers, to be left in the dark. As for how we came up with the name, her first name is a derivative of my dear mom's name (my mom is pictured with me in the bottom left corner of the photo collage above), and her middle name is the female version of the Knight's great-grandfather's name (the male version what was we had in mind if it was a boy). Around here, we've been calling her Miss Babydoll Coco, and I think Coco might stick. We shall see...

Anywho, on to the party! Remember, for all the delicious details, go here and check out my post on CME!

Again, thanks to my friends for throwing and attending this fabulous shower. You really know how to make a girl feel loved!
Diving boards and delightful divas,
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