Saw these this a.m. on Etsy.

Ew. I couldn't help myself...I submitted these to Regretsy.com. This just goes to show that not everything "baby" is cute.

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Beautiful Blog Award!

Happy Tuesday! I don't know about you, but I could use a little cheering up lately. That's why I was so touched when Stefanie Clark linked me as one of the bloggers she picked to win the "Beautiful Blog Award!"

Here are the award rules:

Thank the person who nominated you for this award and link back to their blog.
Let me tell you a little about the fantastic Stefanie. First, her blog, Pawprints and Pastry Bags, is adorable. Second, she has the cutest little boy and husband. They seem like the perfect family. Her blog keeps me grounded, and I love herrecent landscaping! Thank you, Stef!

Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers who have a beautiful blog.
Here are my picks:
A) Our Life - By Amanda and Luke Cantrell. They are my real life friends, and I love them. They have one adorable baby girl, and just found out that they are expecting again! Amanda is the kind of person who makes anyone immediately at ease. She is the ultimate hostess, and has the cutest giggle.
B) The Little Harvilles - By Elizabeth Harville. Elizabeth is another real life friend whose creativity and heart for children inspire me. She has offered to help me decorate the nursery, and I am doing all I can to take her up on that offer!

C) Kelley's Buzz - By Kelley B. Kelley is my mom's real life best friend. She and her husband also took me in the summer after I graduated from high school, and I lived with them until I started college. My parents had moved to Oklahoma, and I just wasn't ready to move to OK, and turn around and move into a dorm in Nashville. She is a precious woman, and incredibly talented. I have especially been enjoying her posts about peace, joy, and patience. Check out her awesome Etsy shop!
D) KFD Designs - by Kristin Fountain Davis. Kristin's blog is so inspiring. She is a talented painter in Atlanta, and I wish I lived closer so I could snatch up all her pieces! Plus, can you imagine what our nursery could look like if she got her hands on it?
E) Lots of Hodge Podge - by "Hodge Podge." HP is a real life friend, also. Her sister works with Andy, and they, as a family, are so cool. They can make a rock sprout, they are that good at gardening. HP lives in Knoxville, and I always love it when she posts about fashion or her hilarious pets.F) Twillypop - By Sara. Remember Twillypop? She had an awesome giveaway a while ago, and her generosity, honesty, and perseverance make her the ultimate woman. I would love to be as thoughtful as her. Her jewelry is incredible - I gave her necklaces to all my nearest and dearest! Check out her Etsy shop today!
G) Last, but definitely not least, is Penny Lane Designs blog - By Marina Simmons. Marina is the master designer behind this blog, and about every other blog that I read regularly. She also is a new mom of a little munchkin named Owen. If you are in the need of a blog makeover or some other sort of graphic design, Marina is your girl. Check out her store here.3. Contact the other bloggers and let them know they won an award.
Consider it done and done!

Say 7 things about yourself.

1. Today, I am 26 weeks, 4 days pregnant. I have gained 14 lbs, and feel like a huge forklift carrying a tiny package. :P How is it that I have gained that much weight, and our baby is barely two pounds? I just don't get it.
2. My 29th birthday is RIGHT around the corner. Last year, I was a little bummed about turning 28. Not this year - this year, I'm celebrating my last year without children! I realize that sounds calloused, but I just mean that I recognize our lives are about to drastically change, and with a little one on the scene, my birthday won't be a month-long event like I like it to be. :)
(here I am at 25. Don't we look young?)

Betty Rascal is 4 years old, and Henry Bear just turned one. Isn't it crazy to think that in dog years, Betty is the same age as me?
4. No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to stop saying "I'm sorry." Or gossiping. I guess it is the Southern woman in me.
5. My mom just had a very serious surgical procedure. She will be on bed rest for a long time, and won't fully recuperate for SIX months! It kills me that she is so far away, and I have to work. I would give nothing more to be able to throw caution to the wind, drive to Tulsa, and be with her for the next two weeks. If I ever win the lottery, one of the first things I'll do is try to convince her and my dad to move near us. I miss my family!
6. My latest addiction are Blow-Pops. I can't get enough of them! I also have been craving Pop-Tarts, Honey Nut Cheerios, and anything Kate Spade (what? that is a craving, too!).
7. On Friday, we had our first baby shower. The attorneys at my firm threw a lovely baby party for the Knight and me. We got a ton of sweet baby clothes, books and toys, our swing, bouncer, Boppy, and some beautiful monogrammed things.
Whoops! I just realized that I haven't told you our baby girl's name...next post, then!

Beautiful blogs and best of friends,
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Whimsical Woodland Baby Shower!

Last week, my friends and I threw a fantastic baby shower for another dear friend! She is decorating her baby girl's nursery in owls, so we knew we HAD to incorporate that in some way.
Hop over to createmyevent.com for the rest of the photos and a full synopsis of what we did!

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(p.s. Also, I have received one of my first BLOG awards! Stay tuned for an upcoming post featuring the lovely award giver, as well as some interesting tidbits about AFS) Happy Friday!


Don't forget to tell your assistant "Thank You!" today!

Don't forget! Today is Administrative Assistant's/Professional's Day! Make sure your assistant knows that he or she is appreciated!

If you are anything like me, you were tromping around Kroger at 5:45 this a.m., trying to find the perfect combination of happy luxury and utility at the last minute. A ceramic pot of hyacinth blooms, Dinstuhl's chocolates, and a gift card to Barnes & Noble, and I'm set for the day! I hope my trusty assistant approves.

Rotary dialin' and office dishin',
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Kickin' Kentucky Derby Party Ideas!

Want some Kentucky Derby Party inspiration? Check out my latest post at CreateMyEvent.com for some easy and fabulous Kentucky Derby party ideas.

We discuss decor, attire, menus, and the ever important cocktails. :)

Seersucker and mint juleps,
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And the winner is....

First of all, I would like to thank
www.AllBarstools.com, www.AllModern.com, www.AllModernPet.com, and www.AllModernBaby.com for this awesome giveaway! Both my "real life" and "blog" friends got involved in this one, and it makes me so happy when people I know and love show me some blog love, too!

The lucky winner of this giveaway wins one item (valued up to $60) from one of the above websites! Using Random.org, I plugged in the numbers, and received our random winner.

So, who is that lucky winner....?

Commenter #17! Who is that? Why, it is Jess(ica) of Attachments & Aversions and Blooming Bungalow!

While Jess(ica) is my friend in real life (she was my first friend when I moved to Memphis and we shared a fabulous booth at the Cooper Young Festival one year), she is also an incredible blogger with great style. I'm sure she'll pick something fabulous (and hopefully share it on her shelter blog - it is due for a post!).

Congrats, Jess(ica)! Please email me ASAP so that you can get your prize!

Thanks to everyone who entered to win. If there is a particular type of item that you would like to see offered up in the future, LET ME KNOW! I'm flying blind here, people! :)

Winners and happy wiggles,
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Hurry up! Today before noon (Central Time), you better enter the www.AllModern.com giveaway!

The winner will receive a one free item (up to $60 value) of his or her choice! Canadian and US residents only.

Giveaways and swag bags,
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Indie Fixx - Awesome Free Art

Looking for a FREE way to update your decor? No, no, I'm not talking about my awesome giveaway with www.AllModern.com (which ends soon, if you haven't entered).

I'm talking about www.IndieFixx.com. Each month, one or more cutting edge artists contribute a completely free work of art for the public consumption. You can download the prints, print them to the size of your choice, and show off your beautiful, cost-free artwork to the rest of the world!

I was amazed at the variety and scope of the different work available. My favorites are as follows:

Go here to download your favorites today! Finally, wanna know the best way to get something for super cheap? Win it for FREE! If you are into to that sort of thing (the thing being FREE), enter my AFS + www.AllModern.com Giveaway today! The contest closes this Thursday, April 15th, at 12 p.m., central time.

Fairies and fireflies,

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Shop, shop, shopping for deals

Most of you know that I am quite a shopper, but also a bargain hunter. I'm not afraid to dig, beg, or bargain. I dare say nearly all of our home furnishings (minus a few lovely splurges) were purchased either used or with a big discount. My two best secrets for online savings are:

1) Before checking out, I always Google this phrase "{store name} promo codes." Usually, I can at least get free shipping, sometimes more!
2) I watch the prices on things I buy online after I have purchased them. If the price goes down shortly after I've made a purchase, I email the company and ask for a price reduction. Recently, I purchased the crib bedding for Babydoll's room from Target. Two days later, the price dropped $20 bucks! I emailed them, they refunded the $20 difference, and I am one happy, repeat Target customer.

In the spirit of Spring saving, I wanted to write today to tell you about a few of my favorite bargain haunts. I've purchased something from nearly all of them, and have been so pleased with the results.

Read on and start saving!

Gilt Groupe/Gilt Fuse: I love this site for its super fashionable sales. Every day, they feature about 10 brands which are high-end, but offered at incredibly low prices. Past sales I've enjoyed include Marc Jacobs, Orla Kiely, and Havianas. You have to be a member, but joining is easy! Go here to join in on the deals. :)
RueLaLa: Also a great source for high end retailers at bargain prices. Past sales that I've enjoyed include Seven Jeans, Hobo International, and Yanuk. Not a member? Click here to join.

One King's Lane: This is THE go-to for high-end home sales. I haven't actually purchased anything from this site, but I have heard great things. Recent sales have included Bailey Street, Lux, Roubini Rugs, and Zwilling J.A. Henckels. Want to join? Go
here to start being in the know today!

Zulily: This sale site is a recent addition to my life. Zulily is for moms and kids (or for people shopping for moms and kids). I have seen some REALLY cute stuff on here. As soon as Babydoll comes, I am sure to spend more time here (I am trying not to buy too much stuff until after she is born and we can see how big she is/fast she grows). Recent sales include Melissa and Doug toys, Combi, and China Doll. Go here to join!

6pm.com: As a shoe addict, 6pm.com is my total and absolute weakness. Want great, name-brand shoes at incredibly reasonable prices. 6pm.com is your place. Every day, 6pm.com features well-known brands at greatly reduced prices. I have purchased Guess, Nine West, Dansko, Dr. Scholl's (when I tore my ACL), and Merrells on here. LOVE this site. Go here to check it out now!

Finally, wanna know the best way to get something for super cheap? Win it for FREE! If you are into to that sort of thing (the thing being FREE), enter my AFS + www.AllModern.com Giveaway today! The contest closes this Thursday, April 15th, at 12 p.m., central time.

Coupons and cutie pies,

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Create My Event - Friday Blogger

Remember how last week I alluded to some big news for AFS? Well, I can finally tell you!

Starting today, I will be writing as the Friday contributer to CreateMyEvent.com's blog! I am very excited about this venture, and I hope you will support me over there, as well as here. CreateMyEvent is a great resource for when you need party inspiration - one that I have personally turned to many times. I am so honored to have been asked to be a regular contributor!

Go check out today's post on Extra Special E-invites!

Big leaps and tiny print,
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P.S. Don't forget to enter the AFS + www.AllModern.com Giveaway! Contest ends Thursday, April 15th, at 12 p.m., central time.

Week 23 - Pregnancy Update

Today, Babydoll is 23 weeks old! So far, I have gained about 13 lbs, have completely given in to all of my maternity clothes, and have that second trimester surge of energy that everyone kept telling me about, but I never believed would actually arrive. I feel pretty great - I don't even "feel" pregnant, whatever that means, but my tummy tells a totally different story!

Two weeks ago, while in church, I very distinctly felt Babydoll kick. Since then, I think she's been preparing to be on the next Dancing with the Stars, because she is all about the high kicks and the twirls! It is such a cool feeling, though sometimes I feel like I just got off an incredibly wild ride on a roller coaster. Her busiest time of the day is actually at 11:30 at night. Oh dear. Wonder how she'll be once she's outside of the womb?

The following is just a little snippet of our Babydoll Preparation Progress. If you are so inclined, read on and enjoy!

1) Spring Maternity Clothes - gotta love the Gap and Old Navy!
2) Our new Baby Mobile - a 2005 Ford Expedition! Remember the last time we bought a car? This purchase is a far cry from our purchase three years ago! Ha!

3) AFS Nursery Color Scheme Dilemma. Should we go with the...
(aqua and yellow)?


(pink and orange)?
4) What I'm worrying about today...How to get our dogs to like Babydoll. Go here for tips.

(will Miss Betty Rascal like the Babydoll? I sure hope so!)

(Me, as a baby - wonder if Ms. Babydoll will look anything like this?)

5) MyRegistry.com. Seriously, the coolest thing ever. Saves your picks from all websites, not just one. Check out ours here!

Baby kicks and cuddles,
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P.S. Don't forget to enter the AFS + www.AllModern.com Giveaway! Contest ends Thursday, April 15th, at 12 p.m., central time.

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