VOTE for your favorite crib/dresser set!

Hello there! Hope you all are having a fabulous day!

I have a teensy favor to ask you...will you help me? Pretty please, with a cherry on top?

I have my eye on three very different crib/dresser sets and I can't decide which one to get for Babydoll's nursery!

I'll tell you what I've been looking for - something modern that can work for Babydoll now, and possibly another Baby (boy or girl) down the road. I am interested in pieces that will grow up with Babydoll, and that can be used as functional pieces for a long time. Finally, I would love some storage underneath the crib for linens and towels.

I have listed the three below that are the final contenders. Will you all please leave me a comment, letting me know which one you prefer? You can go here to see a (very) tentative idea of what I have in mind for the room, if that will help.

Thanks so much!

Walmart - Baby Mod Olivia Collection (Set $869) I like this set because it is modern, very eco-friendly, provides a TON of storage, and has gotten great reviews. The crib doesn't have storage underneath, but with a dresser and a changing table, we might be fine without that extra drawer. Babies R Us - Amy Coe Westport Collection (crib - $349.99; changer - $299.99) Next on the list is the Amy Coe crib and changer from Babies R Us. I look the look of this furniture and think the reddish-orange wood tones will work nicely with the orange in Babydoll's Liberty of London crib bedding. My concern with this furniture is that I have heard from other people that this furniture in real life is a little flimsy and reminds them of Ikea furniture. I personally like my furniture to be sturdy (especially dresser drawers). I can't find this crib in my Babies R Us store, so I can't verify the sturdiness for myself. The price is decent, though! And there is an awesome drawer underneath the crib.
Baby's Dream - Cube Collection (crib - $549; changer/dresser - $689) Finally, this Cube Collection set meets all my requirements (storage under crib, modern design, crib changes from crib, to toddler bed, to TWO twin beds and changer can later be used as a desk). The problem with this furniture is that it is relatively expensive compared to the other furniture I have been perusing. While the cost isn't an issue, I wonder if it is foolish to spend this much on furniture, when there are other cheaper options. Moms, any tips?

So what do think? Which one is your pick? I hope all of you will comment - that even means my friends who get this blog emailed to them...it's time to help AFS out!

Decisions, decisions,
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Sully's Fabulous Wedding Weekend!

Thought I'd never post pics from the wedding, right? Think again! Last weekend, the Knight and I headed to Athens for Sully's wedding.

I met Daisy in Nashville, and before we got on the road, we grabbed a latte and danish at this super cute cafe downtown. Oh, how I miss you, Nashvegas.

After we arrived in Atlanta, we stopped at the airport to pick up the Knight (who flew in). While we waited for Daisy's boyfriend, we sipped beer (mine was nonalcoholic, thank you) at the Manchester Arms - so cute and a perfect day for sitting in the sun!

(who knew nonalcoholic beer could taste so good?)
After we picked up Daisy's boyfriend, Leroy, we headed to Athens. Our hotel was lovely - Hotel Indigo. It has only been open since the previous August, so it was new, new, new. Here are a few shots of our room!

Later that evening, we headed to Mama's Boys for a lovely rehearsal dinner. Here is the lovely bride-to-be, with her handsome groom!

Belly shot at 20 weeks!
My favorite law school ladies.
I love him.
Daisy and Leroy...aren't they just the cutest?
Saturday was Sully's BIG DAY! We started off with breakfast at the Grit, and then got ready for the wedding.
Hair done, now let's get dressed!
Sully asked us to each pick a fierce pair of funky shoes for the wedding. Here are a few of my faves.
Our bridesmaid dresses were so pretty. My belly had grown quite a bit since I met with the seamstress, so I was a little more juicy in the back than I would have preferred. We all looked great, though!
Isn't Sully's bouquet beautiful? I love that she added a photo of her late grandfather and her claddagh ring to the bouquet. Her wedding was full of amazing and thoughtful touches, just like this.
Our bouquets were amazing as well. I just love ranunculus and roses. :)
Sully really looked amazing. Her dress just took our breath away!
Daisy, Sully, and AFS - love you girls!
I was the only preggo bridesmaid - this was Babydoll's second wedding!
First dance...
The cakes were awesome. They are both big Georgia fans, so this groom's cake was perfect.
The Bride's Cake was the most tasty wedding cakes I have ever eaten. Fresh strawberry cake with buttercream frosting. YUM.
My hot date. :)
The favors for this wedding were super cute - you selected a monogrammed bag and filled it to your heart's content with pink sweet and sour candies!

All in all, it was a lovely weekend, with a magical ending. I have so happy for you, Sully! You planned an amazing wedding...I'm sure your marriage will be equally well-executed and happy!

Lovebirds and Lace,
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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! What a gorgeous day it has turned out to be here in Memphis. It started out cold and drizzly, but now the sun is shining and I can't wait for the weekend! Here are a few shots from my garden...baby tulips, camellia explosions, plucky pansies, and blooming hyacinth. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE SPRING!?!

Babydoll's bedding arrived last night! I have to say that I love it even more in person than online. The colors are brighter, the fabric is a nice weight and quality, and the mealy pink accent fabric (online) is actually a very cute crisp white and pink fabric. The only thing I am going to repurpose is the bedskirt. The one that came with the set is a little too matchy and frilly, so I'm thinking a nice coordinating box pleated orange-checked bedskirt would look great, with just a little of the pink as a trim. The remaining fabric could be used for all sorts of things - covering canvases, using it as bunting, or making a couple monogrammed pillows. It will not go to waste, I assure you.

I also have ordered a couple more Liberty of London storage containers that should be arriving today. Here are a few photos of the bedding and some sweet gifts that Babydoll has received!

sprouts and sunshine,

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Plans for Babydoll's Bohemian Fairytale Nursery!

Now that we know we are having a girl, I just can't stop thinking about the nursery. Can't stop is an understatement. After I get off work, shopping and planning is ALL I want to do!

I have put together a little sketch in Microsoft Paint of the general colors and layout of the room. It's very rudimentary (and VERY BUSY), but it helps me figure out how the colors go together, and just gets me so excited about this space! I doubt that I will use exactly the items in this picture, and you have to know that it is all squooshed to one side, but it can at least serve as an inspiration for the room.

I have to tell you that the paint colors of the room are not going to be nearly this bright, but Paint only offers so many color options. The floors in our house are a beautiful, warm wood and the only furniture we have right now is a white bookcase (rough depiction of one on the right). I plan to use this shelf for books, frames, and have starting stocking up on the Liberty of London containers that coordinate with the bedding. I think these will be great for all the little baby things we are sure to collect. The other furniture in the room will consist of a crib, changing table and/or dress, chair with ottoman, and a little side table by the chair. We are trying to keep things simple in here, so that's all the furniture we are going to have for now.

In case you are interested, I have included a source list for each item in the room. I would love to hear what you think, if you have any suggestions, and any other tips/advice you have regarding preparing the nursery!

Crib - Amy Coe Westport Crib - BabiesRUs ($349)

Changing Table - Amy Coe Westport Combo Changer - BabiesRUs ($299)

Mirror over changing table - Birdcage Mirror - Ballard Designs ($99)

Rug - Light Wheel Rug - Anthropologie ($298)

Curtains - Muted Gleam Curtain - Anthropologie ($158 per panel)

Framed prints - Janet Hill prints ($26-36)

Letters over crib - Fabric Alphabet Letters - Anthropologie ($3.95 - 14)

Chandelier - Tadpoles Chandelier - Amazon ($59.99)

Bunting over window - SparklePower - Etsy ($26)

Glider - Newco Chenille Glider - Walmart ($377.88)

Pillow on Glider - BeStill - Etsy ($44)

Lullabies and little clothes,
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Memphis/Germantown Anthropologie Store Opening!

I think I mentioned awhile ago that I was SUPER pumped about the anthropologie coming to Memphis. I have to admit that I wasn't just excited about the store, but also the company it brought with it.

See, a really good friend of mine from college, Bubbles (called that for her infectious laugh), has been with anthro for several years now. After a lot of hard work and her ability to showcase her killer managerial skills in Nashville, she was given her own store in my own Memphis!

Last Thursday, before I rushed out of town to be in Sully's wedding, I headed to the exclusive, invite only anthro opening cocktail party! I felt very posh for about 2 seconds, until I realized that about 100-150 people were also there. Okay, just kidding - it was a great opening. The place was packed and 10% of the proceeds went to the Dixon Art Gallery. My good friend, Amy Stroup, rocked the house, and Bubbles gave a very professional and adorable (how does she manage to do both at the same time) welcoming speech. The store is beautiful. I can't wait to head there again. I already have a gazillion things I want even more now that I've seen them in the flesh!

Fresh tulips greeted you at the entrance.
Pretty mixture of nature and high fashion.
Loved the candelabra and dish centerpiece.
Amy Stroup - you are one beautiful angel! (Check her out on iTunes today!)
The crazy stick thing was cute, but these more mature (i.e. older) ladies were even cuter. :)
Not sure if I could sleep in this, as it is very Venus Flytrap, but I loved looking at it!
Cool chandelier made entirely of flowers. Love.
The real reason behind my joy for the anthro - Bubbles!
So, what did I get? Well, I was kind of in a rush, and the line to try on clothes was SUPER long. I did manage to snatch these two dirty, pretty things.

This darling book (can be found here) for my precious friend, Ayoden, who was watching Betty for the weekend:

and this gorgeous hair accessory that I wore in the wedding (can be found here).

anthro, so glad you are here and brought Bubbles back to Memphis! I will be visiting both often!

to bosom buddies and budding careers,

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