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Because I'm PG... as in preggers, gotta bun in the oven, knocked up, with child, and vessel of life!

I have been dying to tell everyone, but we waited to tell our families first, then our friends, and then work. Now that the cat is out of the bag, we can tell the whole world!

Right now, I am about 12 weeks. Our little nugget (or hush puppy as my mother calls it) is due in early August. We are really excited and/or anxious depending on the moment.

The day I found out was early on a Sunday morning on December 5th. I took three tests (the last two pictured here), because I was certain the first test was broken.

Pregnant? Me? How could that be possible?

After confirming it not once, but three times, I tried to go back to bed and rest before church. I laid there, paralyzed and decided that I could not just lay there. This was a momentous occasion, and I needed to celebrate! Of course, the only proper way to celebrate a baby on a Sunday is with a big Sunday breakfast. I told the Knight I couldn't sleep and that I was going to make some breakfast. He snored and snoozled cluelessly while I set to work in the kitchen, all the while glancing over at the (cleaned) tests and confirming to myself that "yes, yes indeed, it, no, THEY say I am pregnant. What in the world?" I probably looked like a mad woman in there...tousled bedhead hair, wrinkled robe, simultaneously chuckling and crying, shaking her head, and happily sighing.

Finally, I finished the pancakes, bacon, eggs, and coffee and carried the covered tray to our bedroom.

I woke the Knight, and he sat in the bed blearily confused as to why in the world he had a steaming tray of food in his lap.

Clearly, I do not make breakfast often enough on the weekends. :)

Unable to contain my excitement anymore, I whipped off the towel and pointed at the word.

"BBQ?" He hazily yawned. "Why BBQ?"

"No, silly....it says BABY!" I squealed.

"It does?" He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, now fully alert. "We are? What?? How am I supposed to hug you with all this food in my lap? Come 'ere!"

We pushed the tray aside and hugged and screamed while Henry and Betty helped themselves to the tray of delectables. Everyone was happy.

Fast forward 8 weeks, and here is the Nugget Roberts.
Everything seems to be going great, and for the first time yesterday I got to hear its tiny (but very STRONG) heartbeat. It was incredible.

So far, I've been feeling okay. Nausea, fatigue, food aversions (& Cheez-its cravings!), and headaches have tormented me, but I am not giving in. Soon, I should be entering the blissful period where I have boundless energy and feel beautiful in my ever expanding body. I eagerly await those days.

Of course, I will continue to keep you updated, because, um, HELLO! We get to decorate a nursery! And shop for baby clothes. This should be fun.

Also, it appears that our long-planned ski trip will now be what is apparently referred to as a babymoon. We didn't know I was PG when we planned the trip, but thank goodness it is scheduled for next week because my fabulous doctor said I can't go too many more weeks and safely ski.

Steamboat, here we (three) come!
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MLK Day, circa 2001

Nine years ago yesterday, the Knight and I met for the very first time. My sorority and his fraternity had gone to Paoli, Indiana for some Midnight Madness skiing.

While all my girly-girl sisters were in the lodge sipping on hot chocolate and engaging in some hard-core flirting, I was hitting the slopes all by my lonesome. The Knight, his best friend, and I ended up on a lift ride together. After that, we spent the rest of the night skiing, and the rest is history.

I love you, darling! So glad our paths crossed on the powder, and looking forward to celebrating our ski-versary next week in Steamboat! Whoo-hoo!

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What a wonderful wedding!

My big little bro is married!

The Knight, Betty and I braved the icy Tennessee, Arkansas, and Oklahoma roads last Thursday and hoofed it to Tulsa! As soon as we arrived, we got caught up in the wedding frenzy!

On Friday, the bridesmaids (my sister and I were two of 12!) went to a lovely nail bar for a mani/pedi with the bride, followed by a lovely lunch at a place called Cardigans. Isn't that the cutest name?

As soon as we finished nom-nomming it up (I had a wedge salad and french onion soup - yum!), Mom and I headed to El Guapo's to check on the restaurant's progress in getting ready for the rehearsal dinner. Poor Mom had no clue exactly how many people were coming to the dinner (between 50 and 100, my brother told her), so she had to scour the city for a place that could quickly and flexibly accommodate such a large difference in the number. El Gaupo's is this really cool, kind of upscale Mexican restaurant in an artsy fartsy part of Tulsa.

Everything was already set up - it looked great. Black tablecloths, mismatched wooden chairs, long rows of tables, and candles. All it needed was our flower arrangements, the food, and the people!

We left feeling relieved and excited, and headed to go buy flowers for the dinner. Our trip to get flowers took a little longer (you can blame me for being so picky), so by the time we got home, it was 4:30 p.m. We were supposed to be back downtown by 5:30, and I wasn't even dressed yet! Augh!

We hurriedly put together 16, yes, I repeat 16 flower arrangements, threw on our clothes and rushed to the church. We got there just in time to hear the crazy wedding planner lady (are they always crazy, or just in my life?), and began rehearsal.

Afterwards, everyone headed to the dinner and in the end, 80 people showed up. El Guapo's handled everything beautifully, and the fajita bar was a hit. I am still craving their fresh guacamole! After the meal, people began their toasts. This was my favorite part of the weekend, getting to hear all these different people from my brother's and sister-in-law's lives talk about their crazy adventures and wonderful friendships with these two special people. Some tears (okay, a lot) were shed, but they were all happy tears.

After the dinner, the bridesmaids headed over to the MOB's house to continue the warm feelings and sappiness. I am a sucker for sap, but I was EXHAUSTED. I'm glad I went though, because I really feel like I got to know my future sister better. Hearing from others how she is such a strong, inspiring, and devoted friend gave me even more confidence that she will be a fabulous wife to my dear brother.

Saturday morning started off with a bang, and my sister and I rushed to the hair salon to begin our wedding day preparations.

(my precious little sis!)

1 bride, one mother of the bride, 12 bridesmaids, and 2 flower girls in one salon was sheer lovely madness. We got all purtied up, headed to church and began the pictures.

Ahh, pictures. Did I mention that it was fuh-reezing in Tulsa? Like 10-16 degrees outside. Oh yeah, plus straight line winds. AWESOME. It was a beautiful clear, but bitterly cold day. Everyone knows that pictures are better outside, so we sucked it up Sports Illustrated Swimsuit style, and braved the cold for some wedding day pictures. I hope they turn out well, because they went fast!

I haven't seen the professional ones yet, but here are a few snapshots that I stole/borrowed from FB.

(before the wedding)

(here comes the Bride!)
(saying "I Do")

(such a lovely couple)

(hurrah - Married!)

The wedding itself was gorgeous. It was held in a beautiful old church, First United Methodist, with huge stained glass windows, arched carved wooden doors, and the largest organ in Oklahoma.

(Pictures courtesy of here and here.)

Amazing. My brother and his bride wrote their own vows, and when they were done reciting them, the entire church was teary and sniffly. Who knew my brother was such a poet?

After a joyous recessional, we headed to the reception for some delicious food, drinks, and dancing. The DJ was great, and even my dad cut a rug during the cupid shuffle. Huh-larious.

All in all, it was a fantastic wedding celebration weekend for two fantastic people. The now Mr. and Mrs. R deserve the best in life, and I hope their marriage is long, happy, and full of laughs and many children!

Church kisses and champagne toasts,

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So, I don't know about you, but my New Year came rushing in with a WHOOSH and smacked me back into reality.

I have been crazy swamped at work, am trying to get ready for my brother's wedding this weekend, prepare for an upcoming trial, coaching a high school mock trial team (competition is looming!), AND get ready for my fabulous vaca in Steamboat Springs at the end of the month.

What genius scheduled a trial for the DAY I get back from vaca? This genius. Hello Stress, please come right in...I know, I know...you will be staying awhile. Please make yourself at home.

Anywho, posts will be short and probably sporadic. All apologies on my behalf, but until the blog pays my bills (which will never happen), my work is a priority.


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