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Aloha!  I keep thinking that if I use words associated with warm weather climates, Memphis might get a tad warmer.  It is FREEZING here today - brrr!

I hope you are all having a great holiday season thus far.  Ours has been a whirlwind, and there seems to be no end in sight.  Is it just me, or is this Christmas so much busier than last year's?  We managed to get the Christmas decorations out (I LOVE OUR TREE!), but we haven't put the seven (yes seven) empty rubbermaid containers back in the attic.

Christmas cards are ordered, but they haven't arrived yet, which means that I haven't addressed, stamped or sent them either.  All the Christmas presents (minus about 4) have arrived and are wrapped, but I still need to trek down to the post office and sell my firstborn child to pay for shipping costs.  My closet is full of clothes that need to be hung, our sofa is covered in more laundry that needs to be put away, and I really need to put bedskirts and duvets that I just got back from the drycleaners back on our bed and the front guest bedroom.  I also have some Christmas baking to do...where will I find the time to do all this, plus work and spend time with my precious baby girl and her daddy?

This is the part of the year where I feel giddy and bubbly with excitement, but discontent because of all the loose ends floating around.  Once I get all my "Christmas chores" done, I will be able to enjoy the season without a worry or care. 

This past weekend, Caroline and I celebrated the holidays by running in the Jingle Bell 5k which supports the Arthritis Foundation.  It was my first foray into exercise since the St. Jude Half Marathon the previous weekend (which was great in every way - perfect weather and perfect company).

I was trucking along, feeling good.  All of a sudden, Caroline just started going ballistic and was inconsolable.  Mind you, this the child who trained with me for 2-3 hours at a time in her stroller for St. Jude with nary a whimper.  She was crying so loud, I actually had to get her out of the stroller, and carry her in one arm while I pushed the stroller with the other arm for the last 2 miles. It definitely slowed me down, but it cheered her up!

My next adventure will be the Natchez Trace Adventure Race. 

The Knight's sister, Aqua Sha'naqua and I are going to be a team-y'all better watch out for Team Steeltoe Stilettos!

Natchez Trace and Baby Face,
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the clark family. said...

I'm so impressed by you & your training with your sweet girl! I wish I had that kind of gumption, the exercise is good for you kind ;)

If I could, I would certainly pack up my 78 degree temperatures and mail them to you with ribbons and bows! I would love for our weather to feel even a *touch* more December.

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