AFS Hack - How to alter the Liberty of London Crib Bedskirt

Hullooo there.

My little one is napping and I have been putting off doing a tutorial on how I altered her crib's bed skirt for far too long.  I have gotten tons of emails about it, so I thought that people out there who are googling the Liberty of London crib bedding might like to see how I dressed down the "fluff" of the bed skirt and made it a little more crisp and modern.

Also, I want to say that I think my technique could be applied to any bed skirt that has a frame...and I can't take the credit for this idea.  I got it from Young House Love and watched my real life friends implement it, as well.  I took what I saw, adjusted it to my needs, and VOILA - bed skirt snazziness.



Supplies needed:

Seam ripper
Measuring tape
Sticky, heavy duty Velcro (2 containers)
Sewing machine (optional if you buy Velcro that is sticky on both sides)

First I used a seam ripper to remove the pink bed skirt from the white fabric which goes under the mattress.  I washed the pink fabric, removed all the leftover threads, and ironed the material.

Then, I used the fabric to measure how much each side of the crib would require.  I had a lot of extra fabric left over...might be cute for a pillow or stuffed animal.

Then I cut rectangles of the Velcro (mine was sticky on one side and had to be stitched on the other side) and pinned the rectangles on every 8 inches (or so) of the fabric (stitch side to the fabric, sticky side up (but don't take off the paper backing yet!)  Once I got the entire edge pinned with Velcro squares, I put the other side of the Velcro on top of each square and placed the edge of the fabric on the iron edge of the crib.

Then I slowly removed the paper backing off of the first square and stuck the square to the crib at one end.  The fabric square should remain on the crib square, to hold the fabric in place as you go along.

Once you are done placing each Velcro square on the crib, remove the fabric (with its 1/2 of the Velcro) and stitch the squares in place.

Furry supervisors will help keep you on task. :)

Do this for all for sides.  Once you are done stitching the squares onto the fabric, reattach the bed skirt to the iron frame, and you are done!

One perk about having a crib skirt like this is that it doesn't get all jumbled up every time you change the sheets.  Changing crib sheets with a bumper is no easy task, and having to restraighten a crib skirt every time would be an additional pain in the tush.  With the Velcro crib skirt hack, the crib skirt stays perfectly in place!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I'll answer them asap!

Whatever blows your (crib)skirt up,
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P.S. here is a cute little photo of Miss Coco Bean...just in case you were wondering how she was doing. :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you sooo much! I can't wait to work on this!

kmboris said...

I have been looking for a tutorial like this forever!!! Thank you so much for posting! I cant wait to start on my daughters!

Anonymous said...

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