AFS' Custom LILL Diaper Bag!

Are you gearing up for the holiday weekend? I love the 4th of July and cannot wait for the festivities to begin!

Although we seem to turn to red, white and blue for fashion, home, and food design only in July, these colors shouldn't be ignored as a group the rest of the year. Deviations of this color scheme regularly grace high fashion and interior design catalogs alike. Who doesn't love aqua and tomato or navy and cayenne together?
Recently, a dear friend (Daisy) gave me the coolest baby gift ever...a "design it yourself" diaper bag! (Daisy, AFS, and Benton - friendships that will last a lifetime!)
The package includes a sample bag, a huge envelope with tons of swatches and a very easy to follow order form for picking the fabrics for each party.
The company is 1154 LILL Studio, and the concept allows shoppers to design their own purses, messenger bag, diaper bags, and hobo totes! An interactive website lets you sort through their generous and lovely fabric collections and "try" the fabrics on the bag.

A couple of nights ago, I designed my "Susan" diaper bag, and I must have had the 4th on the brain. Isn't she pretty? I sent the sample bag, swatches and my completed order form back via fedex (with the provided shipping label), and in 3-4 weeks, I should get my Susan in all her glory!

I love this bag because it doesn't "scream" diaper bag. I can see me and/or Coco using this bag for many years to come as an overnight bag, carry-on, or even a heavy-duty beach bag!

Thanks so much, Daisy!

For a fantastic (and fast) 4th appetizer, hop on over to Create My Event for a tasty hot feta, artichoke and roasted red pepper dip recipe. Just add blue corn tortilla chips and everyone will ooh and ooh over your festive creativity! Hope you all have a happy 4th!

Couture customization and cuteness,
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J. Cliff said...

You must frequently have the 4th on the brain...Don't you already have a 'stars and stripes' diaper bag?

Artsy Fartsy said...

Not that I can think of? Perhaps you are getting me confused with the seventy gazillion other prego girls that we are friends with!

The only other diaper bag I have is this one: http://www.diaperbags.com/diaper-bags/geometrics/jjcoleswagdiaperbagsilverdrop.cfm

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