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Hello there and happy Thursday to you! Just had to share to the two lovelies I bought for Coco this a.m.
Go here to check out your own smocked preciousness and here to join Zulily. I love this website...cute stuff for kids (and mamas, too)!

Here are a couple of projects that I've been working on for Coco's nursery.

(bird mobile to go over the changing area. awesome birds from land of nod)

(homemade bird mobile to go over her crib. birds hand-stitched by me, my mom, and her best friend! bird pattern found here)

Funny story about the stuffed birds. Betty is convinced that they are all for her. For about a week, a different bird would disappear each day. Inevitably, I would find it either (a) in Betty's mouth while she was hiding under a bed or (b) hidden behind the couch (where she "buries" things) for later snoshing. Thankfully, none have been damaged, but I have had to move them out of her reach and keep on extra careful eye on her. Whatever will we do when the baby comes and she actually tries to play with her toys? Betty will be out of control!!!

Here is a cute burp cloth we just received with her initials. I just go gaga for anything monogrammed!

I have FINALLY washed all her bedding, fixed the bed skirt to my liking (look for a tutorial on that later), and the sheets I ordered have arrived!

The Liberty of London set had WAY too much pink for my liking, so I googled aqua striped crib sheets and found these sheets at Babies R Us. I closed my eyes, pushed "confirm" to order, and prayed that they would coordinate. And...they do! They look perfect with the bedding, and now her bedding isn't quite so "so."

Here's a better shot:Finally, here is a shot of 1/2 of her room. Still no curtains, but we have a rug from Target, a big chunky white mirror from West Elm to hang over the changing table, a funky side table from TJ Maxx, and an awesome aqua storage ottoman from Target. AND I ordered this decal for the wall over her crib (24x35 with a white background and pink letters). Hopefully, I'll get a lot of that in place this weekend!

The puppies also think that this fluffy white rug is all for them. I often find them "sunning" on it in the morning, or having a crazy grass fit of rolling and grunting, as if they are outside in the yard. It is pretty easy to clean, so it doesn't bother me that they like it so much, but I have rolled it back up, just until the baby comes. Otherwise, we might have to clean it before she even gets here!
I can't believe that I am almost at 33 weeks. Only 7 weeks to go. We still need to get our car seat, a pack n play, and a stroller, as well as a few other things, but really, if she came tomorrow, we could get that stuff in a heartbeat and be good to go.
Isn't amazing how time has flown by? It seems like just last month I was wondering if I would ever be far enough along to find out her sex, and now we could meet her within the next month or so. A tiny miracle. Crazy! It still blows my mind that the Knight and I MADE a little person who will grow up to have her own beliefs, opinions, tastes, and future. Incredible.
Okay, enough mushy stuff. Look for a CME post tomorrow about our recent Backyard Blockbuster. It was a hit!
Smocking and shopping,
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Jess(ica) said...

Looks good so far!! I definitely like the aqua crib sheets... good call.

Janet Middlekauff said...

Beautiful room! You have definitely been busy. I would get that car seat sooner than later. It will take you longer to install it than you think it will and you can't take the baby home without it. Make sure you follow the directions in the owner's manual of your car for proper installation. Just a helpful hint from someone who's been there. :-)

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