Pregnancy Body Image Issues...

How is it possible that I once looked like this:

(photo from my fabulous bachelorette party, circa 2004)

And now, look like this?

(photo from nursery set-up, circa NOW)

Oh, sweet Coco. I hope my "pre-you" body is not yet another memory for the photo albums. If that is my fate, I am certain you are worth it. I just hope that's not my fate!

Unknown fate and baby weight,
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Jess(ica) said...

You look even more beautiful now!! :D

Joseph said...

You will be fine. Jennifer bounced right back! It can be done

the clark family. said...

You look amazing now! Honestly- it's not as bad as all that. And it's pretty obvious in the pictures that you're all baby!

Vaudeville of exhilaration said...

You are looking really charming now!! Weight is never an issue..You can always gain a few kilos and shred a few wenever you want..Thats what exercises n gyms are for.. :)

Anonymous said...

It's Amber-- Erika you where lovely then and lovely now. Hope to see you soon. Love your blog btw.

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