Cool Baby Gear: Rockabye Baby CDs

Um, hello...why haven't you guys told me about this?
Now, this is the kind of kid's music that I think I could actually tolerate and even enjoy! Available at Amazon for $13.99 each. A complete listing of Amazon's Rockabye Baby offering listed here.

Guitar riffs and baby gurgles,
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Mary-Kate said...

HOW FUN!! Thanks for sharing!!

the clark family. said...

Oh man, I can't believe I never did a post on these!

We have 4 -yes, 4!- copies of the Metallica one, and the Eagles version. When Liam was small the only thing that could calm him down in the car was track 4 on Metallica's version.

They really are fabulous- I have had the Beatles one recommended as well, but never picked it up as we have since moved on to Disney's Beauty and the Beast soundtrack.

Joseph said...

Yeah, I've got the Pink Floyd album and I want to get the Led Zeppelin one. The actual website is www.rockabyebabymusic.com

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