Baby Shower Boom!

This past weekend, the Knight and I headed to Nashville and McMinnville for two fabulous baby showers.

The first one was in Nashville and hosted by three of my dearest friends from college. It was so nice to get together with all of my Nashville friends (ranging from friends from high school best buds all the way through law school!). They used Coco's nursery colors as party inspiration, and really showed off their fine Southern hostessing skills.

Cute favors for guests. The bags contained little glycerin soaps!

The food was incredible. The brunch menu consisted of sweet and savory delights!
Our college sorority mascot is a lion...Coco's first one!
My fabulous friends and hostesses with the mostesses. :)
The biggest treat was my mom and sister's appearance at the shower. They literally left their house in Tulsa at midnight and drove 9.5 hours (through the night) to get to the 10:30 shower in Nashville. Seriously - they are amazing, and I felt like the luckiest girl!
The girls got to feel Coco kick. Here, I am 34 weeks! Only 6 more to go!
I miss all my Nashville girls! Hope we can all get together soon!
On Sunday, the Knight's family threw a baby shower just for the women in the family. The hostesses were the Knight's mom's best friend and her three daughters. They are practically family, as well, so it was the perfect occasion for everyone to get together! Sadly, I don't have as many pictures of the shower, but it was just as lovely and fun!
Aren't they a beautiful family?
My precious sister, sister-in-law, niece, and mother-in-law.
We had a wonderful time, and it was so hard to say goodbye to everyone. I really, really miss middle Tennessee. As much as I am growing to love Memphis, I wonder if it will ever feel like my "home" in the way that Nashville does. I dream of living there again, but if that doesn't happen, I'm thankful for the life and incredible friends that we have here in Memphis!
Home sweet home,
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Laura said...

Just seeing those cinnamon rolls made me hungry! Loved seeing you. Glad you had fun!

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