Nursery Update

Hello to you all on this beautiful Monday! I am especially thankful for the sunny weather today, considering the crazy weather Memphis and the rest of Tennessee has been experiencing. While it appears that western Tennessee got a ton of tornados, my friends in Nashville are dealing with flooding of Noah's proportions! If you are in Nashville and reading this, I hope you are okay!

It's been a little quiet around here lately...the Knight and I have been super busy with social engagements, work, and trying to squeeze in projects on the house, here and there. On Sunday, I wrote out a little list of all the projects I want to finish before the baby comes, and that "little" list ended up being three pages long. Talk about feeling overwhelmed!

I can proudly say that we are in the thick of one project, though. On Sunday, we finally decided to paint the nursery. We had previously decided on the Tame Teal color at Sherwin Williams, but the weather had NOT been cooperating. Finally, we had a break in the rain, opened some windows, and began our painting. We used the Duration line, which is low VOC (for baby's sake) and covers very well.

About one wall into the painting, the Knight and I are debating about whether to paint the ceiling. Somehow, we end up at Home Depot, where we have purchased new doors for the closet and the entry, new baseboard, shoemold, and crown mold, and a bunch of brilliant white paint...

That's right! We are going to re-trim our entire house, starting with the nursery!

We had a lot of fun ripping out trim, shaving off 50 years of paint layers, and knocking out the doors. While I'm at work today, the Knight is at home, diligently painting new (and much more beautiful) trim. Hopefully, by the time I get home, I can help him set the trim and he can nail it in.

I can't wait to show you the final result! More details to come on the rest of the nursery soon!

Splatter and sweeties,
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Sara said...

What fun! I can't wait to see the end results!

p.s Thanks so much for the blog award! I read your comment on the fly and didn't have time to grab it & comment! Thanks for thinking of me, sweet :D

Kelley B said...

I can hardly wait to see you and yours! Wow, you two are in full nesting mode. So glad you are okay with all this flooding...we are unscathed!

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