Currently Coveting...Birthday Wishes

Today I am 29 years old! This is my last birthday in my 20's AND my last birthday as a DINK (dual income no kids). So, although I can't indulge in birthday drinks with my buds, the Knight and my friends are doing all they can to make this very big birthday special.

Last weekend, some of my best Memphis gals braved the tornados, and took me to a surprise breakfast at Au Fond and a pedicure. It was so nice to be pampered on such an angry weather day!

First, he took off today through Sunday, so we have the entire weekend to spend together! Normally, he has to work through 1/2 of Saturday, so we rarely get a full day on the weekend. I am so pumped! At 12:01 a.m. this morning, he made sure to tell me "Happy Birthday!" Next, he booked us a couples' massage at a spa in town for us at 2 p.m. today. Finally, we have dinner reservations at a mysterious restaurant tonight. A perfect day!

Tomorrow, we are going to tackle a few house project doozies that we have been putting off for a while, and Saturday and Sunday, we are spending doing fun things in Memphis. I'm thinking it would be fun to go the Memphis Farmer's Market, have breakfast at Brother Juniper's, and check out the Pink Palace Museum, but we are just going to play it by ear.

Obviously, I have no idea what gifts I'll get for my birthday, but here are just a few items that I have been "currently coveting!"

4) Handmade Beginnings book by Anna Maria Horner

Candles and cake crumbles,
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Hodge Podge said...

Happy Birthday! You're so smart offering different prices ranges for your wish list.

FemmeCurieuse said...

Happy Birthday! :) Hope you get everything you wish for, and more!

Kelley B said...

Happy Birthday to such a styling lady!

Luke & Amanda said...

Hi sweet sweet friend! I hope that your birthday was as absolutely fabulous as you are!!


the clark family. said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I don't think anyone deserves a massage and pamper day more than a pregnant lady! You look fan-tas-tic!

Mary-Kate said...

HEY!! Looks like we'll both be buying lots of pink! :) And what a cute blog you have - glad to find you on here! I'm now a follower. :)

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