Whimsical Woodland Baby Shower!

Last week, my friends and I threw a fantastic baby shower for another dear friend! She is decorating her baby girl's nursery in owls, so we knew we HAD to incorporate that in some way.
Hop over to createmyevent.com for the rest of the photos and a full synopsis of what we did!

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(p.s. Also, I have received one of my first BLOG awards! Stay tuned for an upcoming post featuring the lovely award giver, as well as some interesting tidbits about AFS) Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

You are too stinkin cute and creative!!! Wherever do you find the time??? I love it :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the blog entry AFS! So cute! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the guest blog you're doing - especially loved the one about Molly's shower. It was such a fun evening because you guys did a wonderful job planning it!

Elliott Broidy said...

Very cute! I love the little hot dogs. Such a great app idea!

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