Week 23 - Pregnancy Update

Today, Babydoll is 23 weeks old! So far, I have gained about 13 lbs, have completely given in to all of my maternity clothes, and have that second trimester surge of energy that everyone kept telling me about, but I never believed would actually arrive. I feel pretty great - I don't even "feel" pregnant, whatever that means, but my tummy tells a totally different story!

Two weeks ago, while in church, I very distinctly felt Babydoll kick. Since then, I think she's been preparing to be on the next Dancing with the Stars, because she is all about the high kicks and the twirls! It is such a cool feeling, though sometimes I feel like I just got off an incredibly wild ride on a roller coaster. Her busiest time of the day is actually at 11:30 at night. Oh dear. Wonder how she'll be once she's outside of the womb?

The following is just a little snippet of our Babydoll Preparation Progress. If you are so inclined, read on and enjoy!

1) Spring Maternity Clothes - gotta love the Gap and Old Navy!
2) Our new Baby Mobile - a 2005 Ford Expedition! Remember the last time we bought a car? This purchase is a far cry from our purchase three years ago! Ha!

3) AFS Nursery Color Scheme Dilemma. Should we go with the...
(aqua and yellow)?


(pink and orange)?
4) What I'm worrying about today...How to get our dogs to like Babydoll. Go here for tips.

(will Miss Betty Rascal like the Babydoll? I sure hope so!)

(Me, as a baby - wonder if Ms. Babydoll will look anything like this?)

5) MyRegistry.com. Seriously, the coolest thing ever. Saves your picks from all websites, not just one. Check out ours here!

Baby kicks and cuddles,
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P.S. Don't forget to enter the AFS + www.AllModern.com Giveaway! Contest ends Thursday, April 15th, at 12 p.m., central time.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited, I can’t stand it! Oh, and I like Pink and Orange! If you are going to have a girl, you might as well get as girlie as you can!

Anonymous said...

I vote aqua and yellow. I know I was all about the orange last week. But I think the aqua and yellow is different yet still very classy. I dunno. Whatever you do will be gorgeous.

And I love that picture of you when you were little. I can just picture you thinking, "Hmmm... I could re-cover this in a little softer fabric and add some accents here and here..."

Natalie said...

came to your blog through create my event! they asked me to be a contributor and i was checking out who else they had!! LOVE your blog..i'm a follower. i am coming up on 23 weeks! and your dogs are precious!!

Elizabeth & Travis Harville said...

I say go with the pink and orange!!! There are too many fun pink ideas to not to do pink. It's a girl, just bite the bullet!!!

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