Indie Fixx - Awesome Free Art

Looking for a FREE way to update your decor? No, no, I'm not talking about my awesome giveaway with www.AllModern.com (which ends soon, if you haven't entered).

I'm talking about www.IndieFixx.com. Each month, one or more cutting edge artists contribute a completely free work of art for the public consumption. You can download the prints, print them to the size of your choice, and show off your beautiful, cost-free artwork to the rest of the world!

I was amazed at the variety and scope of the different work available. My favorites are as follows:

Go here to download your favorites today! Finally, wanna know the best way to get something for super cheap? Win it for FREE! If you are into to that sort of thing (the thing being FREE), enter my AFS + www.AllModern.com Giveaway today! The contest closes this Thursday, April 15th, at 12 p.m., central time.

Fairies and fireflies,

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Kelley B said...

I am thinking some of those prints would be cute in babydoll's room...hmmmm. BTW, I was pretty fond of the aqua and yellow room.

Artsy Fartsy said...

So true, so true!

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