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[Updated on 7.1.10]
I thought it would be fun to look at the last few diaper cakes I have prepared. To start, I always order a custom baby gift set from BebeChic Boutique on Etsy. Her sets come with a stroller-sized blanket, burp cloth, and bib. Usually, one side is covered in a polka-dot minky fabric and the other side is chosen to coordinate with the baby-to-be's nursery.
After I get the gift set, I gather items that go with the theme or reflect the mom's personality. I have two coming up, and I am excited about working on them. One mom is having a girl and is going to use Alexander Henry's "It's a Hoot!" fabric.

[UPDATE: Here is the final result!]

Another mom is having a girl and doing a pink and brown polka dot theme. Both are going to be so cute, and I can't wait to get to work!

[UPDATE: Here is the final result!]

I'm not the only one with a diaper cake addiction. Here is the fabulous diaper cake that my dearest friend, Ayoden, made for me. Don't you think it just "goes" with Coco's nursery? It was so hard to take it apart!

Here are a few of my past diaper cakes:

*Funky Chic Diaper Cake for Baby Girl*

*Sailor Theme for Baby Boy*

*Vintage Brown and Orange for Baby Boy*

*Princess Pink and Silver for Baby Girl*

*My first one - Pink and Green Fun for Baby Girl*

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. My weekend involves a birthday party tonight, mani-pedi tomorrow with one of my dear friends who has finally moved to Memphis (yay!), a little time at the office, and a dinner party with several friends tomorrow night.
The Knight and I work in the nursery on Sunday morning at church, so that should be interesting! I'm not sure how either of us will react to all the diapers, crying, and slobber, now that we know more of the same is coming straight to our house in the future!
Diapers and dear friends,
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Rosie said...

The owl fabric is amazing! It'll look great on a diaper cake.
Sounds like a fun weekend, good luck with the nursery!

Kelley B said...

Those are wonderful gifts. And while you are in the church nursery, remember, it is totally different when it is your own little darling.

sallaboutme said...

Ok, you HAVE to teach me how to make those! My best friend just had a baby this week, and it was a surprise, so they don't have anything and I'm rushing around to help get them basic stuff, but I will eventually need to throw her shower!

Artsy Fartsy said...

Here's the link to a tutorial I did on how to make a diaper cake. Hope it helps!


e diaper cakes said...

I love how all your diaper cakes look so different. Thats kind of hard to do.

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