Anthropologie makes my heart ache

Okay, so I'm too big right now to be looking at their clothes, thanks to the little alien inside of me, but I was hopeful that Anthropologie had maternity clothes. Nope. Boo.

If I was back at my fighting weight, this baby would be my suit for the summer. Va-va-voom!

I also adore this Bella Hothouse Bedding. It is WAY too girly for the Knight's taste, but if I ever have to buy new bedding for the guest bedroom, something like this is what I'm after - pretty, bohemian, and cheery.

I started to peruse their kids section, in the hopes that maybe something would inspire me (I am having the hardest time deciding on a color/theme for the little one). I didn't see anything that offered true inspiration, but I did find a couple of things that I must have.

This sassy frog is delightful. It's very Betty Rubble meets Kermit's sister. If we have a boy, I just might have to buy this for myself. If we have a girl, then I have the perfect excuse!

Finally, Rosie Flo's coloring book is perfect for every girl who is into fashion - whether she is 6 or 66.

You can't tell from this picture, but according to the description, this book is :
A coloring book with your little fashionista in mind. She'll draw heads, arms and legs around the clothing, and then color the newly created character as stylishly as she pleases.
Yet another item I would certainly snatch up for my own little girlie, as well as my adorable niece!

Frogs and frocks,
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Sara said...

Love that purple suit! and that bedding!

You'll be back to your fighting weight in no time! Enjoy the "little alien" tearing apart your insides! :-)

Kelley B said...

What fun bedding! And just enjoy this season of your life. You are one stylin' mama.

Thanks for the etsy encouragement too. I have so much fun in the creating part. Hugs.

Joey said...

You should check out A Pea in the Pod for swimsuits. Jennifer wore a super cute maternity tankini from there when she was pregnant with Caroline.

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